Browse theses in progress from Bristol

Northern nationalists and the Boundary Commission in Ireland.
Abbott, Clive, M.Litt. (2012), Bristol (Thompson, James; McPherson, Jim) in progress
Bystanders to genocide? The role of building managers in the Hungarian Holocaust.
Adam, Istvan, M.Litt. (2012), Bristol (Cole, Tim; McLellan, Josie) in progress
Aldo Moro (1916-78): a statesman with a strategy.
Ambrogetti, Andrea, M.Litt. (2012), Bristol (Glynn, Ruth; Pemberton, Hugh) in progress
The impact of First World War conscription on British society.
Barker, Jim, M.Litt. (2012), Bristol (Thompson, James; Pemberton, Hugh) in progress
'Save the Children': humanitarianism, human rights and constructions of international responsibility in inter-war Britain.
Baughan, Emily, M.Litt. (2012), Bristol (Thompson, James; Reid, Kirsty) in progress
Philip of Spain, king of England: a role overlooked.
Berenguer, Gonzalo, M.Litt. (2012), Bristol (Cervantes, Fernando) in progress
Penguin Book Specials and the centre-left.
Blackburn, Dean, Ph.D. (2012), Bristol (Pemberton, Hugh) in progress
Collecting magic in late 19th-century and early 20th-century England.
Cadbury, Tabitha, M.Litt. (2012), Bristol (Hutton, Ronald; Thompson, James) in progress
Chivalry in 14th-century England and Wales.
Callingham, Laura, M.Litt. (2012), Bristol (Smith, Brendan; Ailes, Marianne) in progress
The burgesses and abbey of Cirencester, 1399-1539.
Catling, Natasha, M.Phil. (2012), Bristol (Clark, James) in progress
Passengers, emigrants and modern men: a social history of the 1852 voyage of S.S. Great Britain from Liverpool to Melbourne.
Connor, Claire, Ph.D. (2012), Bristol (Cole, Tim; Potter, Simon) in progress
The illustrated Apocalypse and the cult of saints.
Croker, Emma, M.Litt. (2012), Bristol (Holdenried, Anke; Williamson, Beth) in progress
Magical approaches to the passions in 17th-century England.
Cummins, Alex, M.Litt. (2012), Bristol (Hutton, Ronald) in progress
Utopianism in British political thought, 1880-1930.
Evans, Peter, M.Litt. (2012), Bristol (Sheldon, Richard; Thompson, James) in progress
The animal history of Bristol Zoo.
Flack, Andy, M.Litt. (2012), Bristol (Coates, Peter; Cole, Tim) in progress
Witchcraft in the early modern home counties.
Gardiner, Elizabeth, M.Phil. (2012), Bristol (Hutton, Ronald) in progress
The man of confidence in German prisoner-of-war camps during the Second World War.
Gregory, Peter, M.Litt. (2012), Bristol () in progress
A civic palimpsest: the fresco paintings of the first floor salone of the Palazzo della Ragione, Padua, Italy.
Gunzburg, Darrelyn, Ph.D. (2012), Bristol (Williamson, Beth; Hutton, Ronald) in progress
Communicating with the occupied and exiled: B.B.C. Czech-language broadcasts, 1940–5.
Harrison, Eric, M.Litt. (2012), Bristol (Chitnis, Rajenda; Thompson, James) in progress
Lay devotion and the expansion of contempus mundi piety in 15th- and 16th-century Europe.
Harry, David, Ph.D. (2012), Bristol (Clark, James; Holdenried, Anke) in progress