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Egyptian cultural identity in the architectural forms of Egyptian cities in the Roman period.
Abdelwahed, Youssri, Ph.D. (2009), Durham (Thomas, Edmund V.; Kaizer, Ted) in progress
Coal, shipping and empire: the triumvirate of British power.
Allan, Christopher, Ph.D. (2010), Durham (Michie, Ranald C.; Willis, Justin) in progress
A study of religious life in Nabatea.
Alpass, Peter, Ph.D. (2008), Durham (Kaizer, Ted; Thomas, Edmund V.; Hunt, E.D.) in progress
Anselm of Canterbury and his influence.
Ball, Thomas, Ph.D. (2009), Durham (Gasper, Giles M.; Scarr, G.) in progress
A cultural, scientific and technical study of the Durham lead cloth seal collection, 1450-1820.
Bankhead, Gary, M.Phil. (2014), Durham (Caple, Christopher; Graves, Pam; Brooks, Mary) in progress
The impact of exploration on Greek geographical knowledge.
Bhandari, William, Ph.D. (2008), Durham (Ceccarelli, Paola; Haubold, Johannes H.) in progress
Ethnogenesis on the margins: the case of the Jonam of north-western Uganda, c.1860-c.1962
Browne, Adrian J., MA (2013), Durham (Willis, Justin) in progress
Ethnicity on the margins in Bunyoro, Uganda, c.1860-1995.
Browne, Adrian J., Ph.D. (2014), Durham (Willis, Justin; Leonardi, Cherry) in progress
Image and performance, agency and ideology: human figurative representation in Anglo-Saxon funerary art, A.D. 400-750.
Brundle, Lisa, Ph.D. (2011), Durham (Semple, Sarah) in progress
An analysis of the use of available theological texts in the c.8th-century Irish De Ordinae Creaturarum.
Burke, David, Ph.D. (2011), Durham (Stancliffe, Clare; Gameson, Richard) in progress
Occupations in 17th-century Durham and Newcastle.
Burn, Andrew, Ph.D. (2010), Durham (Green, Adrian; Dodds, Ben) in progress
Documents included in the text of the Attic orators.
Canevaro, Mirko, Ph.D. (2009), Durham (Ceccarelli, Paola; Harris, Edward M.) in progress
Veterinary medicine in south Sudan, 1948-2011.
Cormack, Zoe, Ph.D. (2011), Durham (Willis, Justin; Leonardi, Cherry) in progress
Community and commemoration in the north-east of England, 1918-39.
Coss, Denise, Ph.D. (2009), Durham (Olechnowicz, Andrzej J.; Williamson, Philip A.) in progress
The contextualisation of the social and medical history of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis in post-medieval Britain.
Craps, Davina D., Ph.D. (2014), Durham (Gowland, Rebecca; Graves, Pam) in progress
The role and significance of plot talk and conspiracy theory in political discourse in late 17th-century Britain.
Cressey, Michael, Ph.D. (2013), Durham (Barber, Alex; Taylor, Stephen) in progress
Towards a history of Iranian archaeology: nationalism, politics and the practice of archaeology.
Daroogheh, Rana, Ph.D. (2011), Durham (Coningham, Robin; Diaz-Andreu, Margarita) in progress
Legacy of St. Anselm of Canterbury in the early 12th century.
Dunthorne, Judith R., Ph.D., Durham (Gasper, Giles M.; Gameson, Richard) in progress
The bishop of Durham's castles in the 17th and 18th centuries.
El Rashidi, Seif, Ph.D. (2013), Durham (Green, Adrian G.; Osborne, Toby) in progress
Warfare and violence in early medieval Europe.
Ellis, Richard, Ph.D. (2013), Durham (Gasper, Giles M.; Gameson, Richard) in progress