Browse theses in progress from Edinburgh

Fascist Italy's anti-Jewish policy in south-eastern France, 1942-3.
Fenoglio, Luca, Ph.D. (2013), Edinburgh (Bloxham, Donald; Ahonen, Pertti) in progress
The police in Edinburgh in the Second World War.
Goodwin, Edward G., Ph.D. (2013), Edinburgh (Jackson, Louise A.; Rodger, Richard G.) in progress
The publishing history and development of school atlases and British geography, 1870-1930.
MacDougall, Julie, Ph.D. (2010), Edinburgh (Withers, C.W.J.) in progress
Contention and collaboration: the development of municipal government in the Potteries, c.1830-1910.
Maksimovic, Stephanie, Ph.D. (2009), Edinburgh (Rodger, Richard G.) in progress
Oral histories of peace and environmental activism in Scotland since the end of World War II.
Michel, Imogen, Ph.D. (2013), Edinburgh (Jackson, Louise A.) in progress
Soundings: science and instrumental knowledge in British polar narratives, c.1818-47.
Millar, Sarah, Ph.D. (2012), Edinburgh (Withers, C.W.J.) in progress
The history of the Polish School of Medicine at the University of Edinburgh, 1941-9.
Palacz, Michal A., Ph.D. (2013), Edinburgh (Ahonen, Pertti; Davis, Gayle) in progress
The cartographic representation of Africa, 1880-1915: print histories of African mapping.
Prior, Amy, Ph.D. (2010), Edinburgh (Withers, C.W.J.) in progress
The Augustinian canons in medieval Scotland.
Ratcliff, Garrett B., Ph.D. (2008), Edinburgh (Fenton, Kirsten; Green, Judith A.) in progress
The development of spatial and spiritual practice in 13th-century Latin hagiography.
Shepherd, Hannah, Ph.D. (2013), Edinburgh (Aird, Bill; Beattie, Cordelia) in progress
Insular saints' cults in late medieval Scotland, c.1286-1542.
Turpie, Tom, Ph.D. (2008), Edinburgh (Boardman, Stephen) in progress