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Post-war tourism in north-east Essex: the rise of the holiday and caravan parks in the Tendring peninsula, 1945-2000.
O'Dell, Sean, Ph.D. (2008), Essex (Gurney, Peter J.) in progress
A study of the experience of women as the owners, users and often abusers of slaves in the Caribbean, *c*.1700-1825.
Page, Kayleigh, Ph.D. (2010), Essex (Röhrig Assunção, Matthias) in progress
The development of Essex seaside resorts and bathing spas in the 19th century.
Senter, Andrew, Ph.D. (2006), Essex (Higgs, Edward J.) in progress
Entrepreneurship allied to the history of theatre, 1800-30.
Tames, Elizabeth, Ph.D. (2012), Essex (Raven, James R.) in progress
The culture of international development in the United Kingdom, 1945-2000.
Timms, Christopher, Ph.D. (2014), Essex (Gurney, Peter) in progress
Mexican diplomats in Europe during the 1920s.
Toleda Garcia, Itzel, Ph.D. (2013), Essex (Hamnett, Brian; Röhrig Assunção, Matthias) in progress
The potential power of gesture: its role within English Radicalism during the 1640s.
Vallerius, Jonathan, Ph.D. (2011), Essex (Walter, John D.) in progress
The British only child, 1800-1950.
Violett, Alice, Ph.D. (2014), Essex (Higgs, Edward) in progress
The Royal Death and Funeral in Late Stuart Britain, c. 1685-1714.
Walker, Mark, Ph.D. (2012), Essex (Flather, Amanda) in progress
Women under the jackboot: representations of women in the public history of the Channel Islands occupation.
Watkins, Nicolle, Ph.D. (2014), Essex (Grant, Matthew; Rossol, Nadine) in progress
The struggles of Chinese Trotskyism in the 1970-80s: a historical and discourse analysis.
Yang, Yang, Ph.D. (2014), Essex (Zhou, Xun) in progress