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Unearthing the 'medical encounter'. Gartnavel Royal Asylum, 1918-28: exploring the intersection of scientific and social discourses which negotiated the boundaries of psychiatric diagnoses.
Morrison, Hazel, Ph.D. (2011), Glasgow (Nicolson, Malcolm A.; Philo, Chris) in progress
The conduct of the Barons' War of 1264-7 between King Henry III and the baronial opposition.
Oakes, Fergus P.W., Ph.D. (2011), Glasgow (Strickland, Matthew J.; Marritt, Stephen) in progress
The locational history of lunatic asylums/mental health institutions in Scotland: archival inquiries and contemporary resonances.
Ross, Kim, Ph.D. (2011), Glasgow (Philo, Chris; Nicolson, Malcolm A.) in progress
Belief in pre-Christian and Christian Scotland.
Steele, Joyce E.M., Ph.D. (1999), Glasgow (Broun, Dauvit E.) in progress
The concept of masculinity as a social identity in the first half of the 20th century.
Stockman, Oliver, Ph.D. (2006), Glasgow (Hughes, Annmarie; Abrams, Lynn C.) in progress
Misconduct and the medical profession, 1858-2010.
Sullivan, Roz, Ph.D. (2011), Glasgow (Nicolson, Malcolm A.; Mullen, Kenneth) in progress
Marriage and marriage breakdown in late 20th-century Scotland.
Thompson, Andrea, Ph.D. (2011), Glasgow (Hughes, Annemarie; Gordon, Eleanor J.) in progress
Materiality of Great War remembrance.
Trigg, Jonathan R., Ph.D. (2009), Glasgow (Finlay, Nyree J.; Pollard, Tony) in progress
Battlefield archaeology.
Watson, Shirley A., Ph.D. (2009), Glasgow (Pollard, Tony) in progress
A history of the U.K. renewable energy programme, 1974-88: some social, political and economic aspects.
Wilson, Campbell, Ph.D. (2011), Glasgow (Stokes, Raymond G.; Rollings, Neil) in progress
Constructing juvenile delinquency in Strathclyde, 1945-80.
Winterbottom, Matthew J., Ph.D. (2011), Glasgow (Hughes, Annemarie; Freeman, Mark) in progress
Archives and National Socialism: what role did archivists play in the Aryanisation of Jewish property?
Young, William, Ph.D. (2011), Glasgow (Moss, Michael S.; Stokes, Raymond G.) in progress