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A Labour sect? Primitive Methodism in Parliament, 1886-1924.
Johnson, Melvin, Ph.D. (2014), Hull (Reid, Douglas; Simmonds, Alan G.V.) in progress
Religion and the late Stuart army, 1660-1714.
Liao, Ping, Ph.D. (2014), Hull (Wilson, Peter; Prior, Charles) in progress
Sculpture and the sea: figureheads, ship decoration and Britain's maritime worlds.
McCarthy, Erica, Ph.D. (2013), Hull (Yarrington, Alison; Hamilton, Douglas) in progress
Doing business underwater: flooding, entrepreneurship and resilience.
Messham, Rebecca L., Ph.D. (2014), Hull (Bankoff, Greg) in progress
International military subsidy treaties during the Nine Years' War and the War of the Spanish Succession.
Nora, Thomas M., Ph.D. (2013), Hull (Wilson, Peter; Prior, Charles) in progress
The incidence of illegitimate births in east Yorkshire in the 18th and 19th centuries.
Oliver, Margaret, Ph.D. (2008), Hull (Turner, Michael E.) in progress
The London West India interest.
Osborne, Angelina, Ph.D. (2013), Hull (Hamilton, Douglas; Prior, Charles) in progress
Aerial defeat? The R.A.F. and the Luftwaffe in Operation Dynamo, May-June 1940.
Raffal, Harry, Ph.D. (2014), Hull (Omissi, David) in progress
Slavery, memory and orality: a case study of 19th-century Ghana.
Saboro, Emmanuel, Ph.D. (2012), Hull (Richardson, David; Oldfield, John) in progress
An assessment of the culture and work of the Chatham Dockyard in the post-1945 period.
Taafe, Emma, Ph.D. (2009), Hull (Starkey, David J.) in progress
All the king's men: chivalry and the military aristocracy of England from Crécy to the death of Edward III.
Thompson, Matthew, Ph.D. (2011), Hull (Ayton, Andrew) in progress
Political strategies of laughter in the National Convention, 1792-4.
Zobkiw, Jacob, Ph.D. (2012), Hull (Biskup, Thomas) in progress
Forestry in Lithuania, 1918-40.
Zydeliene, Loreta, Ph.D. (2011), Hull (Bankoff, Greg) in progress