Browse theses in progress from King's College London

The Suvla Bay landing.
Cleverley, Jeff, Ph.D. (2011), King's College London (McCartney, Helen) in progress
Divided we fall: continuity or discontinuity in close air support, 1919-39.
Coningham, Simon, Ph.D. (2009), King's College London (Sabin, Philip A.G.; Hall, David) in progress
Encountering Germany: northern France and the experience of occupation during the First World War.
Connolly, James, Ph.D. (2009), King's College London (Vinen, Richard C.) in progress
British combined arms warfare doctrine, 1914-18.
Cook, James, Ph.D. (2011), King's College London (McCartney, Helen; Philpott, William J.) in progress
Female lordship in 11th-century northern Italy.
Creber, Alison, M.Phil./Ph.D. (2008), King's College London (Ferente, Serena; Nelson, Janet L.) in progress
Coronations: the religious, political and social impact of divine right kingship in Britain, c.1661-c.1714.
Cross, George W.C., M.Phil. (2013), King's College London (Crankshaw, David) in progress
Understanding the London Irish immigrant experience through large-scale textual analysis: 1801-20.
Crymble, Adam, M.Phil./Ph.D. (2011), King's College London (McBride, Ian R.) in progress
The development of the British Royal Naval sailor uniform and its influence on civilian fashion in Victorian England, 1846-1901.
Daley, Jennifer, Ph.D. (2011), King's College London (Lambert, Andrew D.) in progress
Rammohan Roy and the unintended consequences of his ideas.
Dasgupta, Shomik, M.Phil./Ph.D. (2012), King's College London (Wilson, Jon E.) in progress
Intelligence and British decolonisation: the development of an imperial intelligence system in the late colonial period, 1944-66.
Davey, Gregor, Ph.D. (2011), King's College London (Stockwell, Sarah E.) in progress
More than just bombing: a critical examination of the official history of the war in the air, 1914-18.
Dawson, Julia, Ph.D. (2012), King's College London (Jordan, David; Farrell, Jonathan) in progress
One man, between two worlds: Hipólito José da Costa and the Luso-Anglo 'dialogues' made possible during his exile in London, 1808-23.
De Magalhaes Arruda, Paulo Henrique, M.Phil./Ph.D. (2012), King's College London (Bethencourt, Francisco) in progress
The transportation of women from London and Paris to America in the early modern period.
Desrochers, Suzanne, M.Phil./Ph.D. (2011), King's College London (Gowing, Laura) in progress
The language of persecution: anti-Catholic polemic in Restoration London.
Dillon, Lizzie O'Brien, Ph.D., King's College London (Goldgar, Anne H.) in progress
Portraits of patients in early modern Britain, c.1660-c.1850.
Douglas, James, M.Phil./Ph.D. (2013), King's College London (Mearker, Anna; McBride, Ian) in progress
The memory of 18th-century English Christianity, c.1800-1870.
Dray, John, M.Phil./Ph.D. (2007), King's College London (Burns, Arthur) in progress
Communal justice in Britain, 1194-1294.
Duggan, Kenneth, M.Phil./Ph.D. (2013), King's College London (Carpenter, David; Taylor, A.) in progress
British policy on underwater weapons, 1900-14.
Dunley, Richard, Ph.D. (2011), King's College London (Lambert, Andrew D.) in progress
Charles O'Conor of Belanagare: political ethnographies and historical cultures in early modern Ireland.
Dwyer, Macdara, M.Phil./Ph.D. (2013), King's College London (McBride, Ian) in progress
Hizbollah: a military history.
Exum, Andrew, Ph.D. (2008), King's College London (Sayigh, Yezid; Betz, David) in progress