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Cottage hospitals: their foundation, development and contribution to community health in England and Wales, 1860-1949.
Atkins, Keith, Ph.D. (2013), Kingston (Hawkins, Sue; Phelan, Craig) in progress
Same-sex sexualities in public history.
Hayward, Claire, Ph.D. (2013), Kingston (Phillips, Nicola; Hawkins, Sue) in progress
Irrelevant or conveniently ignored: missionaries in the new villages of Malaya, 1952-67.
McClymont, Allen, Ph.D. (2014), Kingston (Stuart, John; Phelan, Craig) in progress
Female camp guards in Auschwitz.
Mears, Charlotte, Ph.D. (2015), Kingston (Woodbridge, Steve; Phelan, Craig) in progress
Art and order: the culture and work of a London general hospital during the Great War: an evaluation of the life and community of the 3rd London General Hospital in Wandsworth.
Sharp, Pippa, Ph.D. (2014), Kingston (Hawkins, Sue; Phelan, Craig) in progress