Browse theses in progress from Lancaster

Folk music and regional identity: song and dialect in Cumbria.
Allan, Sue, Ph.D. (2008), Lancaster (Winchester, Angus J.L.; Rohkramer, Thomas) in progress
Crisis, continuity and change: women in south-eastern Attika, 1930 to the 1950s.
Bibli, Ioanna, M.Phil., Lancaster (Blinkhorn, Martin; Peniston-Bird, Corinna) in progress
What thought of 'head office' to 'one off his head': escaping 'clerkly lives' in middlebrow fiction, 1892-1945.
Bishop, Nicola, Ph.D. (2010), Lancaster (Taylor, James; Schad, John) in progress
The pilgrimage of Magister Thietmar.
Booth, Philip, Ph.D. (2012), Lancaster (Jotischky, Andrew) in progress
The governance of common land in south Shropshire between the 16th and 19th centuries.
Bowen, James, Ph.D. (2010), Lancaster (Winchester, Angus J.L.) in progress
The 'terrorist' underground: political violence and cinema in 1970s Italy and Germany.
Christodoulou, Maria, Ph.D. (2011), Lancaster (Camino, Mercedes; Kallis, Aristotle) in progress
Scandinavian identity in Cumbria in the Viking age.
Cook, William, Ph.D. (2009), Lancaster (Winchester, Angus J.L.) in progress
Jewish cemeteries in Vienna.
Corbett, Timothy, Ph.D. (2012), Lancaster (Peniston-Bird, Corinna; Rohkramer, Thomas) in progress
Lay vitae in the long 11th century.
Cornell du Houx, Adrian, Ph.D. (2012), Lancaster (Jotischky, Andrew) in progress
Religious change in Ireland from the Great Famine to the present: a G.I.S. approach.
Cunningham, Niall, Ph.D. (2009), Lancaster (Gregory, Ian; Winchester, Angus J.L.) in progress
Performing Terezin: contemporary performance and memorialisation of music from Ghetto Theresienstadt.
Debenham, Jory, Ph.D. (2012), Lancaster (Sayer, Derek; Beckerman, Michael) in progress
The 'defence of christendom' in Latin and vernacular writing of the 12th and 13th centuries.
Doherty, James, Ph.D. (2011), Lancaster (Jotischky, Andrew) in progress
Feminist complicity in the invasion of Afghanistan: a woman's right to rescue.
Farrell, Sandra, Ph.D. (2013), Lancaster (Hagopian, Patrick) in progress
The other history: memories of East Bengal partition, 1947, and the making of a nation.
Ferdious, Sayeed, Ph.D. (2011), Lancaster (Sayer, Derek) in progress
'Behavioural selves'. An epigraph for social media information, identity, selfhood: Facebook as a technology of the self.
Fletcher, Chris, Ph.D. (2012), Lancaster (Wong, Yoke-Sum) in progress
Seventeenth-century female natural philosophers - the lady scientists.
Green, Patricia, M.Phil./Ph.D. (2008), Lancaster (Pumfrey, Stephen) in progress
The political engagement of Lancashire Catholic gentry, 1558-80.
Hammond, Wilfred, Ph.D., Lancaster (Mullett, Michael A.) in progress
Romanesque tympanum sculpture and the medieval viewer.
Heginbotham, Christopher, Ph.D. (2012), Lancaster (Jotischky, Andrew) in progress
Exploration, scientific observation and encounters with the other: Patrick Brydone's account of Sicily and Malta.
Hopkinson, Thomas, Ph.D. (2011), Lancaster (Metcalfe, Alex) in progress
The lime burning industry in the central Pennines.
Johnston, David, Ph.D. (2007), Lancaster (Whyte, Ian) in progress