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The role of local authorities in the decline of British seaside resorts, 1945-90: a case study of estuarine resorts with a particular focus on New Brighton.
Cameron, Harry, M.Phil./Ph.D. (2008), Leeds Metropolitan (Walton, John K.; Russell, David C.) in progress
Gay activism and life history in Britain during the 1980s: a comparison of the Hall Carpenter archive and the National Lesbian and Gay Survey.
Clarke, Jenny, Ph.D. (2008), Leeds Metropolitan (Oram, Alison M.; Shore, Heather) in progress
Women and childcare in 19th-century Leeds.
Cottam, Susan, Ph.D. (2008), Leeds Metropolitan (Shore, Heather; Oram, Alison) in progress
Sport and the country house, c.1870-1939.
Eadsworth, Caroline, Ph.D. (2010), Leeds Metropolitan (Oram, Alison; Russell, David C.) in progress
The origins of the National Trust.
Hall, Melanie, Ph.D. (2011), Leeds Metropolitan (Mosley, Stephen; Walton, John K.) in progress
Yorkshire, a county divided: a local history of the county of Yorkshire in the British civil wars, 1638-51.
Hammond, Robert, M.Phil. (2008), Leeds Metropolitan (Stinson, Marie; Russell, David C.) in progress
Football's consumer culture and the construction of fan identities, c.1880-c.1960.
Jackson, Alexander, Ph.D. (2008), Leeds Metropolitan (Russell, David C.; Collins, Tony) in progress
Victorian Sunday schools and their mission to civilise youth in the Aire Valley, c.1850-1914.
Macgill, Lynn, Ph.D. (2012), Leeds Metropolitan (Ewen, Shane; Morgan, Simon) in progress
The Wades of New Grange and the lesser gentry in the long 18th century.
Rowntree, Keith, Ph.D. (2013), Leeds Metropolitan (Morgan, Simon; Ewen, Shane) in progress
Architectural style, church building and the practice of architecture, c.1815-50.
Webster, Christopher, Ph.D. (2013), Leeds Metropolitan (Morgan, Simon; Strange, Ian) in progress
The social history of the Black Dyke Mills Band, 1900-65.
Wilkinson, Andrew, Ph.D. (2011), Leeds Metropolitan (Langley, Dan; Russell, David C.) in progress