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Crime reporting in the 19th-century provincial press: a study of two Essex newspapers, 1850-1900.
Moore, Isobel, Ph.D. (2011), Leicester (King, Peter J.R.) in progress
The impact of the French Revolution and its aftermath on the English country house.
Morris, Janice, Ph.D. (2013), Leicester (Sweet, Rosemary H.) in progress
Shaping the empire: agrimensores, emperors, and the creation of the Roman provincial identity.
Morris, Jason, Ph.D. (2012), Leicester (Merrills, Andy) in progress
The role of the colonial city in Victoria's diamond jubilee celebrations.
Morris, Richard, Ph.D. (2013), Leicester (Kidambi, Prashant) in progress
The scope, development and purpose of local legislation relating to local government, 1836-1914.
Morris, Roger J.B., Ph.D. (2013), Leicester (King, Steven A.) in progress
Petition for mercy to Robert Peel, 1822-7.
Mortimer, Brenda G., Ph.D. (2013), Leicester (King, Peter J.R.) in progress
Roman public buildings in Mauretania Tingitana (Morocco): a study on architecture, decoration and patronage.
Mugnai, Niccolo, Ph.D. (2012), Leicester (Mattingly, David) in progress
Kurd and Kurdistan in the viewpoint of English writers in the 19th century.
Muhammand, Qadir, Ph.D. (2013), Leicester (Sweet, Rosemary H.) in progress
Women and change in the workplace: perspectives from the English Midlands, 1950-80.
Murray, Gillian, Ph.D. (2010), Leicester (Sally, Horrocks) in progress
Bankside power station: planning, politics and pollution.
Murray, Stephen, Ph.D. (2013), Leicester (Gunn, Simon; Horrocks, Sally) in progress
The alignments of Greek and Egyptian temples and the Greeks' debt to Egypt.
Nell, Erin, Ph.D. (2010), Leicester (Shipley, Graham; Ruggles, Clive) in progress
Roman funerary reliefs and north African identity: a contextual and comparative investigation of iconography from Tripolitania and beyond.
Nikolaus, Julia, Ph.D. (2012), Leicester (Mattingly, David) in progress
The social and ecclesiastical significance of church seating plans, 1700-1900.
Owens, Paul, Ph.D. (2012), Leicester (Snell, Keith D.M.) in progress
The laws of war during the crusades to the East, c.1140-1204.
Palmer, Nicholas, Ph.D. (2010), Leicester (Housley, Norman J.) in progress
Making the city mobile: the place of the car in planning post-war Birmingham.
Parker, Matthew, Ph.D. (2013), Leicester (Gunn, Simon) in progress
Agricultural change in iron age and Roman East Anglia.
Parks, Kate, Ph.D. (2010), Leicester (van der Veen, Manjke; Haselgrove, Colin) in progress
The role of museums in presenting and creating cultural memories of the Holocaust.
Payne, Emily, Ph.D. (2013), Leicester (Jensen, Olaf) in progress
The manufacture, use and disposal of pottery in iron age Norfolk and Suffolk.
Percival, Sarah, Ph.D. (2012), Leicester (Haselgrove, Colin) in progress
Ghost towns of the American West: common and unique factors contributing to their failure.
Peyton, Paige M., Ph.D. (2010), Leicester (Edwards, Dave) in progress
The relationship between the army and police in Ireland, 1919-21.
Powis, Christopher, Ph.D. (2006), Leicester (Ball, Stuart R.) in progress