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Medieval ceramics in the east Midlands: questions of production and distribution, with special reference to the kilns and pottery of Burley Hill, Quarndon, Derbyshire.
Tinkler, Pat, Ph.D. (2007), Leicester (O'Sullivan, Deirdre; Christie, Neil) in progress
The influence of Derbyshire railways on leisure travel in the 19th century.
Wager, Andrew, Ph.D. (2008), Leicester (Snell, Keith D.M.) in progress
The demography, economy and culture of the Lincolnshire marshland, c.1520-1920.
Watkinson, Martin, Ph.D. (2012), Leicester (Snell, Keith D.M.) in progress
The buildings of dissent: Oxfordshire, 1660-1860.
Whalley, Margaret, Ph.D. (2006), Leicester (Dyer, Christopher C.) in progress
The British Supreme Court for China in the Shanghai International Settlement, 1860-1941.
Whewell, Emily, Ph.D. (2013), Leicester (Anderson, Clare) in progress
Late antique portable wealth and its messages.
Williams, Javier, Ph.D. (2012), Leicester (Christie, Neil) in progress
The Russian view on Shoah studies: official remembrance versus individual memory of the Holocaust in contemporary Russia.
Winkler, Christina, Ph.D. (2011), Leicester (Jensen, Olaf) in progress
Landscape, economy and society: the transformation of East Anglia, A.D. 300-700.
Woolhouse, Tom, Ph.D. (2010), Leicester (Taylor, Jeremy; Christie, Neil) in progress
The archaeology of identity in British colonial New Jersey.
Young, Michael, Ph.D. (2012), Leicester (Tarlow, Sarah) in progress
The Gandharan grave culture of N.W.F.P., Pakistan: origins, development and links to the Indo-Aryans.
Zahir, Muhammad, Ph.D. (2010), Leicester (Young, Ruth) in progress