Browse theses in progress from Liverpool

Haiti in art: creating and curating in the Black Atlantic.
Asquith, Wendy, Ph.D. (2011), Liverpool (Forsdick, Charles) in progress
Metropolitan control on the Iberian Atlantic: the Visita General in New Spain, 1600-50.
Ballone, Angela, Ph.D. (2009), Liverpool (Braun, Harald) in progress
Penance and the English Reformation.
Bramhall, Eric, Ph.D. (2009), Liverpool (Heale, Martin R.V.) in progress
The female music fan in sociological and historical discourse since the 19th century.
Bruseker, Nancy, Ph.D. (2012), Liverpool (Leonard, Marion) in progress
The conqueror's wife: Matilda of Flanders as countess of Normandy and queen of England.
Cartwright, Charlotte, Ph.D. (2009), Liverpool (Stafford, Pauline A.) in progress
The unofficial diplomat: Bernard Pares and the promotion of Anglo-Russian relations, 1906-42.
Clare, Rebecca, Ph.D. (2009), Liverpool (Hughes, Michael J.) in progress
An assessment of the relationship which emerged between young people and evangelicalism during the early English Reformation.
Clayton, Ryan, Ph.D. (2009), Liverpool (Heale, Martin R.V.) in progress
The visualisation of communism in British culture, 1945-63.
Clulow, Jacqueline, Ph.D. (2009), Liverpool (Hughes, Michael J.) in progress
A forgotten statesman: Douglas McGarel Hogg, the 1st Viscount Hailsham.
Cooper, Christopher, Ph.D. (2009), Liverpool (Dutton, David J.) in progress
The German army in the battle of Arras and the Nivelle offensive, April-June 1917: a study in command and control.
Cowan, Anthony, Ph.D. (2010), Liverpool (Foley, Robert) in progress
Negotiating the urban environment: the role of space for late medieval craft identities.
Deering, Carly, Ph.D. (2009), Liverpool (Resl, Brigitte) in progress
Operational art and the Narva front, 1944: Sinimäed and campaign planning.
Del Gaudio, Andrew, Ph.D. (2011), Liverpool (Foley, Robert) in progress
The Radical experiment in Liverpool and its influence on the Reform movement: the career of Sir Joshua Walmsley (1794-1871).
Foggo, Anthony, Ph.D. (2009), Liverpool (Belchem, John C.) in progress
Baby minding and baby murder: paid childcare in England and Scotland, c.1860-1910.
Hinks, James, Ph.D. (2012), Liverpool (Davies, Andrew) in progress
Patterns of communal conformity: a comparative study of language especially in wills from Reformation Lancashire, 1520-80.
Leach, David, Ph.D. (2009), Liverpool (Heale, Martin R.V.) in progress
Racialised boundaries: a study of rape and consensual relationships between white men and black women in antebellum Louisiana, 1803-65.
Livesey, Andrea, Ph.D. (2009), Liverpool (Tadman, Michael) in progress
Cultural negotiations of empire: gender and race in juvenile missionary literature.
McColl, Julie, Ph.D. (2012), Liverpool (Towsey, Mark) in progress
Early modern queenship: the evolution of gender and power in England, 1553-1714.
Mearns, Anne, Ph.D. (2009), Liverpool (McLaren, Anne) in progress
The anti-Poor Law movement in Preston, Lancashire in the 1830s.
Melling, Bernard, Ph.D. (2009), Liverpool (Sheard, Sally B.) in progress
Deterrence or defence? The British Army and tactical nuclear weapons, 1945-57.
Moody, Simon, Ph.D. (2012), Liverpool (Foley, Robert) in progress