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Images of female piety and the development of post-Reformation Catholicism in England, c.1559-c.1630.
Brindley, Christina, M.Phil. (2010), Manchester Metropolitan (Oates, Rosamund B.M.; Adams, Anthony J.) in progress
A comparative analysis of attempts to provide policing in Salford and Manchester between 1880 and 1905.
Daniels, David, Ph.D. (2015), Manchester Metropolitan (Horner, Craig; Adams, Anthony J.) in progress
A history of policing same-gendered sexual relations in north-west England, 1850s-1980s.
Evans, Jeffrey G., Ph.D. (2014), Manchester Metropolitan (Ayres, Patricia; Adams, Anthony J.) in progress
Technical and vocational training of young women in the north-west, 1950-65: underachievement and opportunities missed?
Jackson, Veronica M., M.Phil. (2010), Manchester Metropolitan (Ayers, Patricia; Tebbutt, Melanie) in progress
Power and powerlessness in rural England between the First and Second World Wars.
Jones, David, Ph.D. (2007), Manchester Metropolitan (Tebbutt, Melanie; Adams, Anthony J.) in progress
Rationale, identity and legacy: the collection of Maurice, 4th and last Baron Egerton of Tatton Park, 1874-1958.
Marden, Sarah G., Ph.D. (2014), Manchester Metropolitan (Spangler, Jonathan; Sayer, Faye) in progress
Lordly power and lordships: Earls Ranulf III and John le Scot of Chester, c.1181-1237.
Moore, Gavin R., Ph.D. (2014), Manchester Metropolitan (Hurlock, Kathryn; Roche, Jason; Adams, Anthony J.) in progress
Corruption in public life? A study of the exercise of power in Manchester and Salford in the late Victorian period, 1871-1902.
Nuttall, Pamela M., Ph.D. (2014), Manchester Metropolitan (Tebutt, Melanie) in progress
Fluid identity: Romanian diaspora in the U.K. and transnational media discourses.
Romocea, Oana, Ph.D. (2014), Manchester Metropolitan (McCook, Brian) in progress
Chatting Sri Lanka: powerful communications in colonial times.
Siefert, Justin, Ph.D. (2014), Manchester Metropolitan (Adams, Anthony J.; Frasch, Tilman; French, Sheila) in progress
Parks, gardens and designed landscapes of medieval north Wales and north-west Shropshire.
Smith, Spencer, Ph.D. (2015), Manchester Metropolitan (Hurlock, Kathryn; Adams, Anthony J.; Edwards, Ben) in progress