Browse theses in progress from Newcastle

The portrait of Hippocrates in the *studiolo* of Federico da Montefeltro.
Lapraik, Sonja, Ph.D. (2013), Newcastle (Rütten, Thomas) in progress
The artist as scientist: illustration as a means of interpreting the Darwinian revolution, 1850-80.
Lowther, David, Ph.D. (2014), Newcastle (Allen, Joan; Ashley, Scott) in progress
Processing Constantinople: litanies and their effect.
Manolopoulou, Vicky, Ph.D. (2013), Newcastle (Turner, Sam; Jackson, Mark) in progress
The Butler Homesta site: the archaeology of a loyalist homestead in early upper Canada, 1784-1813.
McGuire, Denise, Ph.D. (2010), Newcastle (Webster, Jane; Grant, Susan-Mary) in progress
The Clayton Collection: artefacts from the central sector of Hadrian's Wall.
McIntosh, Frances, Ph.D. (2013), Newcastle (Allison-Jones, Lindsey; Haynes, Ian; Gerrard, James) in progress
A comparison of the Jamaican Maroons and the Creek nation of the United States.
McKee, Helen, Ph.D. (2011), Newcastle (Paton, Diana; Houston, Benjamin) in progress
Mourning jewellery in England, *c*.1500-1800.
Middlemass, Cara, Ph.D. (2014), Newcastle (Boulton, Jeremy; Webster, Jane) in progress
Agrarian land law and the 18th-century Commonwealth tradition.
Mitchelson, Emily, Ph.D. (2014), Newcastle (Hammersley, Rachel; Berry, Helen) in progress
Colonial mimesis: a comparative approach to sculpture and imagery from the Roman provinces.
Moat, Stephanie, Ph.D. (2013), Newcastle (Webster, Jane; Fowler, Chris) in progress
After the Blitz: Luftwaffe operations over the United Kingdom after May 1941.
Moore, Stephen, Ph.D. (2013), Newcastle (Baldoli, Claudia; Farr, Martin) in progress
Mapping the medieval and post-medieval landscape of Cumbria.
Newman, Caron, Ph.D. (2010), Newcastle (Turner, Sam; Webster, Jane) in progress
Landscape change: the case of two Pennine parishes.
Newton, Sheila, Ph.D. (2011), Newcastle (Turner, Sam; Jackson, Mark) in progress
A re-evaluation of Philip V of Macedon in light of recent research in Polybian scholarship and epigraphic evidence.
Nicholson, Emma, Ph.D. (2012), Newcastle (Moles, John; Santangelo, Federico) in progress
The Chelsea out-pensioners: image and reality in 18th- and early 19th-century social care.
Nielsen, Caroline, Ph.D. (2010), Newcastle (Boulton, Jeremy; Andrews, Jonathan) in progress
Sulla and the gods: religion, politics and propaganda in the *Autobiography* of Lucius Cornelius Sulla.
Noble, Fiona, Ph.D. (2013), Newcastle (Spawforth, Tony; Santangelo, Federico) in progress
Kept indoors? Concubinage, power and gendered space in Bahia, Brazil, 1750-1922.
Patel, Selina, Ph.D. (2013), Newcastle (Paton, Diana; Hentschke, Jens) in progress
Philanthropy and never-married women in England, 1700-1830.
Patton, Lydia, Ph.D. (2014), Newcastle (Berry, Helen; Boulton, Jeremy P.) in progress
Landscape of conversion: Baalbek-Helipolis from 100 B.C.–A.D. 400.
Paturel, Simone, Ph.D. (2014), Newcastle (Haynes, Ian; Jackson, Mark) in progress
An examination of the decline of regional shipbuilding and the role of government, 1920-39.
Paxton, William, Ph.D. (2010), Newcastle (Perry, Matt; Farr, Martin) in progress
The narrative of bombing in the Italian media, 1940-5.
Petrella, Luigi, Ph.D. (2010), Newcastle (Baldoli, Claudia; Kirk, Tim) in progress