Browse theses in progress from Newcastle

Trench art of the north-east: material culture, memory and perception from the First World War to the present.
Marriott, Andrew, Ph.D. (2015), Newcastle (Webster, Jane; Farr, Martin; Reeder, Kate) in progress
The Butler Homesta site: the archaeology of a loyalist homestead in early upper Canada, 1784-1813.
McGuire, Denise, Ph.D. (2010), Newcastle (Webster, Jane; Grant, Susan-Mary) in progress
The Clayton Collection: artefacts from the central sector of Hadrian's Wall.
McIntosh, Frances, Ph.D. (2013), Newcastle (Allison-Jones, Lindsey; Haynes, Ian; Gerrard, James) in progress
A comparison of the Jamaican Maroons and the Creek nation of the United States.
McKee, Helen, Ph.D. (2011), Newcastle (Paton, Diana; Houston, Benjamin) in progress
Mourning jewellery in England, c.1500-1800.
Middlemass, Cara, Ph.D. (2014), Newcastle (Boulton, Jeremy; Webster, Jane) in progress
Agrarian land law and the 18th-century Commonwealth tradition.
Mitchelson, Emily, Ph.D. (2014), Newcastle (Hammersley, Rachel; Berry, Helen) in progress
Colonial mimesis: a comparative approach to sculpture and imagery from the Roman provinces.
Moat, Stephanie, Ph.D. (2013), Newcastle (Webster, Jane; Fowler, Chris) in progress
After the Blitz: Luftwaffe operations over the United Kingdom after May 1941.
Moore, Stephen, Ph.D. (2013), Newcastle (Baldoli, Claudia; Farr, Martin) in progress
The image of the king: can the royal hunts of Alexander the Great be seen as engaging with Aristotle’s theory of pambasileia in order to legitimise his rule as king of Asia?
Mullen, James, Ph.D. (2015), Newcastle (Skinner, Joseph; Smith, Rowland) in progress
A re-evaluation of Philip V of Macedon in light of recent research in Polybian scholarship and epigraphic evidence.
Nicholson, Emma, Ph.D. (2013), Newcastle (Moles, John; Santangelo, Federico) in progress
Kept indoors? Concubinage, power and gendered space in Bahia, Brazil, 1750-1831.
Patel, Selina, Ph.D. (2013), Newcastle (Paton, Diana; Hentschke, Jens) in progress
Landscapes of conversion: Baalbeck-Heliopolis from 100 B.C. to 400 A.D.
Paturel, Simone, Ph.D. (2014), Newcastle (Haynes, Ian; Jackson, Mark) in progress
An examination of the decline of regional shipbuilding and the role of government, 1918-39.
Paxton, William, Ph.D. (2010), Newcastle (Perry, Matt; Farr, Martin) in progress
The narrative of bombing in the Italian media, 1940-5.
Petrella, Luigi, Ph.D. (2010), Newcastle (Baldoli, Claudia; Kirk, Tim) in progress
That colonies have their warrant from God: English Protestant thought and theories of colonisation in the 17th century.
Petty, Sam, Ph.D. (2014), Newcastle (Hammersley, Rachel; Grant, Susan-Mary) in progress
Assessing the role of Athenian vase painters as agents of social control through the examination of changes in scenes of warrior departure on Attic vases, 600 B.C.–400 B.C.
Porter, Nigel, Ph.D. (2014), Newcastle (Jackson, Mark; Waite, Sally) in progress
Hippocratic commentary in early modern Spain: an examination of Lázaro de Soto's exegesis of De locis in homine.
Preston, Brianne, Ph.D. (2013), Newcastle (Rütten, Thomas; Phillippo, Susanna) in progress
Mortality change in Hermoupolis, Greece, 1859-1940.
Raftakis, Michail, Ph.D. (2014), Newcastle (Hioidou, Violetta; Boulton, Jeremy P.) in progress
Comparative responses to royal deaths in Britain and the Atlantic world, 1751-1817.
Scammell, Jennifer, Ph.D. (2013), Newcastle (Berry, Helen; Hammersley, Rachel) in progress
Terrae amissae: a comparative study of south-west Germany and Transylvania in the 3rd century.
Scherer, Evan, Ph.D. (2014), Newcastle (Haynes, Ian; Gerrard, James) in progress