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That colonies have their warrant from God: English Protestant thought and theories of colonisation in the 17th century.
Petty, Sam, Ph.D. (2014), Newcastle (Hammersley, Rachel; Grant, Susan-Mary) in progress
Assessing the role of Athenian vase painters as agents of social control through the examination of changes in scenes of warrior departure on Attic vases, 600 B.C.–400 B.C.
Porter, Nigel, Ph.D. (2014), Newcastle (Jackson, Mark; Waite, Sally) in progress
Hippocratic commentary in early modern Spain: an examination of Lázaro de Soto's exegesis of *De locis in homine*.
Preston, Brianne, Ph.D. (2013), Newcastle (Rütten, Thomas; Phillippo, Susanna) in progress
Mortality change in Hermoupolis, Greece, 1859-1940.
Raftakis, Michail, Ph.D. (2014), Newcastle (Hioidou, Violetta; Boulton, Jeremy P.) in progress
Comparative responses to royal deaths in Britain and the Atlantic world, 1751-1817.
Scammell, Jennifer, Ph.D. (2013), Newcastle (Berry, Helen; Hammersley, Rachel) in progress
Ending of Roman Dacia proposal.
Scherer, Evan, Ph.D. (2014), Newcastle (Haynes, Ian; Gerrard, James) in progress
Rebellion, punishment, mediation: women in colonial Bengal, 1850-1925.
Sen, Tanju, M.Phil. (2010), Newcastle (Allen, Joan; Berry, Helen) in progress
Popular politics in the Queen's County, Ireland, 1898-1914.
Sheppard, Philip, Ph.D. (2010), Newcastle (Campbell, Fergus; Allen, Joan) in progress
The materialisation of identity in the Spanish Civil War.
Shiel, Amy E., Ph.D. (2014), Newcastle (Quiroga, Alex; Webster, Jane) in progress
Seventeenth-century English republican thought in a European context.
Shields, Amy, Ph.D. (2014), Newcastle (Hammersley, Rachel; Berry, Helen) in progress
Studying the life cycle of the British slave trade, 1680-1807.
Smith, Michael, Ph.D. (2013), Newcastle (Webster, Jane; Dolfini, Andrea) in progress
Tracking foreign intervention through medicine and social science in Haiti, *c*.1900-50.
Stewart, Antony, Ph.D. (2014), Newcastle (Paton, Diana; Sehrewat, Samiksha) in progress
What 19th-century objects know: archaeology, oral history and the communal knowledge of working-class women.
Tolson, Louise, Ph.D. (2013), Newcastle (Webster, Jane; Giesen, Myra) in progress
The social context of prehistoric extraction sites in the U.K.
Topping, Peter, Ph.D. (2014), Newcastle (Fowler, Chris; Harding, Jan) in progress
Fourth Reich or farce? The origins, significance and impact of the Naumann Affair.
Walters, Guy, Ph.D. (2014), Newcastle (Kirk, Tim; Baldoli, Claudia) in progress
The formation of Christianity: martyrdom as means of resistance to Roman power and proselytism tool.
Wimmer, Linda, Ph.D. (2013), Newcastle (Wisse, Jakob; Moles, John) in progress