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'Non est vera misericordia nisi sit ordinata': pastoral theology and the practice of English justice, 1110-1250.
Byrne, Philippa, D.Phil. (2012), Oxford (Kempshall, Matthew S.) in progress
The cutting edge: an anthropometric use of tailors' records.
Campbell, Sarah, D.Phil. (2012), Oxford (Humphries, K. Jane; Oxley, Deborah) in progress
Racial perceptions and the assimilation of Native Americans through acculturation programmes in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
Cannell, Laura-Jayne, M.St. (2013), Oxford (Thompson, Peter J.; Hämäläinen, Pekka) in progress
The failure of dissent: public opposition to prevailing economic policy in Ireland, 2000-6.
Casey, Ciaran M., D.Phil. (2013), Oxford (Foster, Roy; O'Rourke, Kevin) in progress
Devil’s dye: the global trade in Central American indigo, 1565–c.1700.
Catena, Adrianna, D.Phil. (2013), Oxford (Roper, Lyndal A.) in progress
Decolonising Anglo-Indians: strategies for a mixed-race community in late colonial India during the first half of the 20th century.
Charlton-Stevens, Uther E., D.Phil. (2012), Oxford (Robinson, Francis) in progress
An iconographical exploration of the terpsichorean tradition in art of the 13th to 15th centuries.
Chiu, Jasmine M., D.Phil. (2012), Oxford (Rosser, A. Gervase) in progress
Psychometric testing in the British Army.
Chong, Mark S.-P., M.Sc. (2013), Oxford (Mahone, Sloan C.) in progress
The Paris Basin during late antiquity.
Choupas, Ioannis, D.Phil. (2012), Oxford (Hamerow, Helena; Wickham, Christopher J.) in progress
Wills and the negotiation of Jewish identity in 14th-century Crete.
Claiborne, Erin, M.St. (2012), Oxford (Holmes, Catherine) in progress
Tudor noble commemoration and identity : the Howard family in context, 1485-1572.
Claiden-Yardley, Kirsten, D.Phil. (2012), Oxford (Gunn, Steven J.) in progress
British, French and American attitudes and policies towards the rebirth of Poland, 1914-21.
Clark, Denis, D.Phil. (2012), Oxford (MacMillan, Margaret O.) in progress
Illustration as delusion: Michael Camille's simulacral art history and the drawings of Aubrey Beardsley.
Clausen, Katherine A., M.St. (2013), Oxford (Clunas, Craig) in progress
Making 'modern' Oman: imperial strategy, decolonisation's tensions and post-colonial globalisation.
Clegg, William E., D.Phil. (2012), Oxford (Darwin, John G.) in progress
National innovation or localised paternalism? An analysis of the cité ouvrière at Mulhouse.
Clement, William, M.St. (2013), Oxford (Whyte, William H.) in progress
Land, settlement and competing narratives of history in northern Bushbuckridge, 1900-70.
Cockfield, James, D.Phil. (2012), Oxford (Beinart, William J.) in progress
Denominational responses to the religious content of 19th-century novels.
Coles, Anthony J., D.Phil. (2012), Oxford (Smith, Mark; Skinner, Simon) in progress
How did Christine de Pizan self-consciously construct and illuminate her manuscripts in order to create an authoritative persona as an author?
Cooper-Richardson, Charlotte E., M.St. (2012), Oxford (Swift, Helen) in progress
The agrarian thought of Andrew Lytle.
Corkery, Mary H., M.St. (2013), Oxford (Thompson, Peter J.; Goldman, Lawrence) in progress
Masculinity and spirituality in Renaissance Milan: the role of the beautiful body in the art of Leonardo da Vinci and the Leonardeschi.
Corry, Maya, D.Phil. (2012), Oxford (Rosser, A. Gervase) in progress