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Performing images in the Vanessa Beecroft metanarrative.
Dilloway, Eleanor, M.St. (2013), Oxford (Wright, Alastair) in progress
The significance of local patrons in the nave windows of York Minster.
Dimmek, Anastassia J., M.St. (2015), Oxford (Rosser, Gervase) in progress
Beyond removal: Indians, states and sovereignties in the American South during the long 19th century.
Dinwoodie, Jane, D.Phil. (2014), Oxford (Hämäläinen, Pekka) in progress
Space, monuments and religion: Christianisation of urban space in the late antique Levant (325-628 A.D.).
Dirodi, Morgan, D.Phil. (2012), Oxford (Ward-Perkins, Bryan) in progress
Testing the assumptions of financial models in certain historical instances.
Dixon, Hallam, M.Sc. (2015), Oxford (A'Hearn, Brian) in progress
Representative government, majority rule and Jewish minority representation during the constitutional era in Habsburg Austria, 1895-1914.
Douglass, Larissa C., D.Phil. (2012), Oxford (Rechter, D.) in progress
The friendly planet: friendly societies, 'fraternals' and mutual aid associations in the English-speaking world and Argentina, 1850-1920.
Downing, Arthur, D.Phil. (2013), Oxford (Belich, James) in progress
How did official British propaganda and the social expectations it created affect young R.A.F. pilots' psychological makeup.
Doyle, Emma K., M.Phil. (2014), Oxford (Gregory, Adrian M.) in progress
'The standard-bearer of the Roman Church': Lorenzo da Brindisi (1559-1619) and the Capuchin missions in the Holy Roman Empire.
Drenas, Andrew, D.Phil. (2012), Oxford (Davidson, Nicholas S.) in progress
Alleviating the dynastic threat: Henry VII and the Yorkist royal women.
Dudley, Imogene S., M.St. (2015), Oxford (Archer, Rowena) in progress
A social history of gentlemen and their clubs in South Africa, c.1860-1960.
Dunbar, Danielle, D.Phil. (2013), Oxford (Darwin, John G.) in progress
The Australian economic revolution: change and continuity in the wake of the Second World War.
Dunn, Alexander H., M.Phil. (2015), Oxford (Meredith, David) in progress
Sanitary regulation in Britain's maritime empire: disease and naval health in the Northern Indian Ocean, 1860-1914.
Dutta, Manikarnika, D.Phil. (2013), Oxford (Harrison, Mark) in progress
Royal/ducal demesne in England and Normandy in the 11th century (Exon Domesday Project).
Dymond, Alexander P., D.Phil. (2015), Oxford (Baxter, Stephen) in progress
Structures of power and control: the Imperial Russian Navy 1900-1917.
Eacott, Benjamin C., D.Phil. (2014), Oxford (Andreyev, Katya) in progress
Long-term effects of serfdom: could serfdom have engendered a culture of mistrust in modern Russia?
Elizarova, Elizaveta, M.Sc. (2015), Oxford (Fenske, James) in progress
National educational reform in the international era: the role of U.N.E.S.C.O. in the West German educational reform, 1950-60.
Erickson, Katherine M., M.Phil. (2014), Oxford (Betts, Paul) in progress
Mountains, steppes and empires: a historical geography of the north Caucasus in late antiquity and the middle ages.
Evans, Nicholas J.B., D.Phil. (2013), Oxford (Whittow, Mark; Shepard, Jonathan) in progress
Critical responses to globalisation in contemporary North African and diaspora art.
Falecka, Katarzyna W., M.St. (2015), Oxford (Grootenboer, Hanneke) in progress
Julia Margaret Cameron: portraits of representative men.
Fazio-Veigel, Nichole J., D.Phil. (2015), Oxford (Johnson, G.; Weaver, M.) in progress