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M.I.9 and escape and evasion mapping, 1939-45.
Bond, Barbara, Ph.D. (2014), Plymouth (Bennett, Harry; Brayshay, Mark; Jefferys, Kevin) in progress
'The Choom': a study of the tents of the nomadic peoples of northern Siberia and an analysis of their position within the context of world vernacular architecture.
Clarke, Gordon, M.Phil./Ph.D. (2014), Plymouth (Maudlin, Daniel; Patterson, Jody; Daybell, James) in progress
From Tobruk to Tunis: the impact of topography and improvisation on British military doctrine and tactics, North Africa, 1940-3.
Dando, Neal, Ph.D. (2014), Plymouth (Bennett, Harry; Jefferys, Kevin) in progress
The British way of war in north west Europe, 1944-5: a study of two infantry divisions.
Devine, Louis, Ph.D. (2014), Plymouth (Bennett, Harry; Jefferys, Kevin) in progress
Rex Whistler (1905-1944): Patronage and Artistic Identity.
Frater, Nikki, Ph.D. (2014), Plymouth (Maudlin, Daniel; Smiles, Sam) in progress
Reform of the British Army in the Victorian/Edwardian period.
Gosling, Edward, Ph.D. (2014), Plymouth (Bennett, Harry; Jefferys, Kevin) in progress
Pudu Jail's graffiti: beyond the prison cells.
Ismail, Khairul , Ph.D. (2014), Plymouth (Maudlin, Daniel; Bennett, Sarah; Miles, Malcolm) in progress
The development of nuclear propulsion for H.M. submarines in the post-war period.
Jones, Gareth, Ph.D. (2014), Plymouth (Bennett, Harry; Murphy, Elaine) in progress
German-German sporting relations with particular reference to the Olympic Games, 1948-72.
Raeke, Bernd, Ph.D. (2014), Plymouth (Jefferys, Kevin; Barkhof, Sandra) in progress
Canine contexts: understanding the role of the dog in British Victorian art.
Robson, Amy, M.Phil./Ph.D. (2014), Plymouth (Gregory, James; Blackshaw, Gemma) in progress
A history of the Cornish male voice choir: the relationship between music, place and culture.
Skinner, Susan, Ph.D. (2014), Plymouth (Jefferys, Kevin; McInerney, Michael; Mock, Roberta) in progress
Mechanics institutes in Victorian England.
Watson, Douglas, M.Phil./Ph.D. (2014), Plymouth (Gregory, James; Grey, Daniel; Daybell, James) in progress