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At capacity: a statistical analysis of Greek vessel sizes.
Keitel, Victoria Adams, Ph.D. (2014), Reading (Smith, Amy; Eckardt, Hella) in progress
Dr John Radcliffe and the architecture of Oxford.
Kerr-Elliott, Glenis, Ph.D. (2015), Reading (Lee, Simon) in progress
Enslaved wet nurses in antebellum America.
Knight, Rosie, Ph.D. (2015), Reading (West, Emily R.) in progress
Decolonisation and European integration in the 1950s: a comparison of Britain, France and Belgium.
Kottos, Laura, Ph.D. (2014), Reading (Knapp, Andrew) in progress
Mario Vinciguerra and critiques of Italian liberalism and fascism.
Lembo, Francesco, Ph.D. (2008), Reading (Duggan, Christopher J.H.) in progress
Septimius Severus' 'messages' at Leptis Magna.
Lloyd, Maria, Ph.D. (2012), Reading (Nicholls, Matthew; Marzano, Annalisa) in progress
B.B.C. radio propaganda in Italy in World War II.
LoBiundo, Ester, Ph.D. (2014), Reading (Duggan, Christopher) in progress
The Haitian Revolution and the changing nature of the South Carolina Statutes on slavery and the free people of colour, 1791-1823.
Luff, Mike, Ph.D. (2010), Reading (West, Emily R.) in progress
Medieval ecclesiastical gatehouses in England.
Mahood, Harriet, Ph.D. (2014), Reading (Grant, Lindy) in progress
Camillo Boito and cultural heritage protection in Risorgimento Italy.
Mezzi, Guilia, Ph.D. (2015), Reading (Davies, Paul) in progress
Horrific treatment in medieval texts.
Monteith, Jessica, Ph.D. (2015), Reading (Parish, Helen) in progress
The diplomatics of silence: the foibe.
Morettin, Luisa, Ph.D. (2013), Reading (Duggan, Christopher J.H.) in progress
Italian contemporary popularism and regionalism.
Newth, George, Ph.D. (2014), Reading (Duggan, Christopher) in progress
An interdisciplinary approach to the study of the Roman fishing industry.
Nicolaou, Lee Graña, Ph.D. (2014), Reading (Marzano, Annalisa) in progress
The Book of Sentences and its influence on later medieval texts concerning magic and witchcraft.
Page, Victoria, Ph.D. (2015), Reading (Lawrence, Anne) in progress
Royal and aristocratic perception and patronage of lepers in the 13th century.
Phillips, Kate, Ph.D. (2014), Reading (Grant, Lindy) in progress
The unequal marriage in France, c.1100-c.1250.
Pickard, Charlotte, Ph.D. (2011), Reading (Grant, Lindy) in progress
The experience of 'confino' and the development of anti-fascists in Italy in the 1930s.
Poerio, Ilaria, Ph.D. (2012), Reading (Duggan, Christopher J.H.; La Penna, Daniela) in progress
Socialism, Labour and the ‘ethnic other’: a comparative study of Jewish and Irish Catholic radical and communal politics in East London, 1889-1912.
Renshaw, Daniel, Ph.D. (2014), Reading (Worley, Matt) in progress
Living standards in the Industrial Revolution: the evidence of police records in south-east England, 1850-1900.
Richardson, Alex, Ph.D. (2011), Reading (Burchardt, Jeremy F.S.) in progress