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The Great War in German and British films, 1933-45: a comparison.
Alberts, Patrick, Ph.D. (2007), Salford (Searle, Alaric; Foster, Ian) in progress
Naval arms race.
Buckey, Christopher, Ph.D. (2010), Salford (Grove, Eric J.; Searle, Alaric) in progress
British military historians and the writing of military history, c.1854-1914.
Dighton, Adam, M.Phil./Ph.D. (2012), Salford () in progress
The influence of limiting casualties on British military operations since 1945.
Hughes, Richard, M.Phil./Ph.D.-suspended (2008), Salford (Ford, Douglas; Searle, Alaric) in progress
The role of the armoured cruiser in British naval strategy and policy, 1897-1909.
Lindgren, Scott, Ph.D. (2008), Salford (Grove, Eric J.; Searle, Alaric) in progress
Clement Attlee, the Labour government and the British intelligence community, 1945-51.
Lomas, Daniel, Ph.D. (2010), Salford (Murphy, Christopher J.; Callaghan, John) in progress