Browse theses in progress from Sheffield

Economic discourse during depression: a study of newspapers in inter-war Britain.
Ackerley, Aaron, Ph.D. (2014), Sheffield (Bingham, Adrian C.) in progress
Unruly emotions in 18th-century print culture and women's private writing, 1700-1830.
Alston, Laura, Ph.D. (2014), Sheffield (Harvey, Karen) in progress
Opportunism and opportunity: the evolution of purpose in Scotland’s country parks.
Back, Philip, Ph.D. (2014), Sheffield (Griffiths, Clare V.J.) in progress
Comedy in British culture and society, 1945-60.
Bird, Leo, Ph.D. (2014), Sheffield (Bingham, Adrian C.) in progress
Women workers in the light and heavy metal trades in Sheffield, *c*.1742-1867.
Bracey, Laura, Ph.D. (2013), Sheffield (Harvey, Karen) in progress
Men and women in love: marriage, sexuality and emotional intimacy in Britain, *c*.1955-75.
Brown, Lucy, Ph.D. (2012), Sheffield (Bingham, Adrian C.) in progress
Industrialising communities in South Yorkshire, 1750-1850: a case study of Elsecar.
Cavanagh, Nigel, Ph.D. (2013), Sheffield (Harvey, Karen) in progress
'The return to reality': the rehabilitation of Britain's Far East prisoners of war, 1942-52.
Chesworth, Andrew, Ph.D. (2010), Sheffield (Moore, Robert) in progress
The transformation of English personal naming and social change, 800-1300.
Chetwood, James, Ph.D. (2014), Sheffield (West, Charles M.) in progress
The 'criminal classes': understandings of criminality and the trajectory of criminal stereotyping in England, 1770-1870.
Churcher, Helen, Ph.D. (2014), Sheffield (Shoemaker, Robert B.) in progress
League memories: recollections of Catholic political engagement in late 16th-century Paris.
Critchlow, Mark, Ph.D. (2007), Sheffield (Greengrass, Mark) in progress
The impact of the American civil rights movement on Ghanaian social movements, 1955-66.
Crone-Barber, Katie, Ph.D. (2012), Sheffield (Larmer, Miles) in progress
Late antique cities in the Rhineland: a comparative study of Trier and Cologne in the 4th and 5th centuries.
Davison, Christine, Ph.D. (2010), Sheffield (Loseby, Simon) in progress
A social history of humour in the long 18th century.
Davison, Kate, Ph.D. (2013), Sheffield (Withington, Phil) in progress
In spite of history: new leftism in Britain, 1956-79.
Dowling, Thomas, Ph.D. (2012), Sheffield (Bingham, Adrian C.) in progress
In full colour or black and white? White ethnicity and American citizenship in the newspaper comic strip, 1900-32.
Fraser, Hilary, Ph.D. (2013), Sheffield (Heath, Andrew) in progress
The experience of reform of English women religious in the 16th century.
Goodwin, Elizabeth, Ph.D. (2013), Sheffield (Staub, Martial J.M.) in progress
Representations of presidential power during the reconstruction era.
Grenville-Mathers, Annabelle, Ph.D. (2012), Sheffield (Heath, Andrew D.) in progress
Popular appeal and political mobilisation: a study of legal pamphlets and the law in the early 1640s.
Hitchman, Alexander, Ph.D. (2014), Sheffield (Braddick, Michael J.) in progress
The purpose of bureaucratic inventories in late antiquity.
Hosie, Simon, Ph.D. (2014), Sheffield (Hillner, Julia) in progress