Browse theses in progress from Southampton

Venus in tights: *tableaux vivants* in Britain in the long 19th century.
Stevens, Elena, M.Phil. (2014), Southampton (Conlin, Jonathan) in progress
Philanthropy: a benefit or a burden? The dual face of Anglo-Jewish philanthropic organisations, 1880-1912.
Stevens, Micheline, Ph.D. (2011), Southampton (Kushner, A.R.J. (Tony)) in progress
An in-depth investigation of the Doddershall court mantua and petticoat and what it reveals about the 18th-century embroidery trade.
Taylor-Davies, Rosemary, M.Phil. (2014), Southampton (Hayward, Maria; Gammon, Julie) in progress
Benedictine abbeys and their social impact: a case study in a Reading abbey manuscript.
Teale, Fredrica, M.Phil. (2014), Southampton (Karn, Nicholas; Wahlgren-Smith, Lena) in progress
Production of the wardrobe of Robert Dudley.
Wedge, Tracey, M.Phil., Southampton (Hayward, Maria A.) in progress
The fall of Camelot: heroism and the British imagination, 1945-2005.
Williams, Mark, M.Phil. (2014), Southampton (Prior, Christopher; Smith, Adrian) in progress
Royal Navy and the Caribbean, 1759-1815.
Williams, Siân, Ph.D., Southampton (Oldfield, John R.; Petley, Christer) in progress
Production and consumption of the 19th-century crinoline.
Windle, Lucy-Clare, M.Phil. (2008), Southampton (McDermid, Jane) in progress
Dealing with the past: forms of reconstruction of the memory of Jews in Poland.
Wloszyca, Malgorzata, M.Phil. (2010), Southampton (Kushner, A.R.J. (Tony)) in progress