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Curing 'Vietnam syndrome': the Committee on the Present Danger and mobilising America for the 'second' Cold War, 1976-80.
Blackbourn, Nicholas, Ph.D. (2011), St. Andrews (De Groot, Jerry) in progress
Italian queens in the 9th and 10th centuries.
Cimino, Roberta, Ph.D. (2011), St. Andrews (MacLean, Simon J.) in progress
Reichsitalien and France during the personal rule of Louis XIV, 1661-90.
Condren, John, Ph.D. (2012), St. Andrews (Rowlands, Guy R.) in progress
Counsel and consent in Scotland, 1603-38.
Cuthbertson, Wayne, Ph.D. (2012), St. Andrews (Mason, Roger A.) in progress
John of Salisbury and law.
Esser, Maxine, Ph.D. (2011), St. Andrews (Hudson, John G.H.) in progress
Diplomacy and deception: James VI's foreign relations, 1586-1604.
Fry, Cynthia, Ph.D. (2011), St. Andrews (Murdoch, Steve) in progress
The circulation and collection of Italian printed books in 16th-century France.
Graheli, Shanti, Ph.D. (2012), St. Andrews (Pettegree, Andrew) in progress
Gender and 12th-century insular hagiography.
Harris, Eilidh, Ph.D. (2011), St. Andrews (Hudson, John G.H.) in progress
'Si Adam et Eva peccaverunt, quid nos miseri fecimus?' The reception of Augustine's ontological discourse on the soul in late antiquity and the early middle ages.
Haverkamp, Symke, Ph.D. (2011), St. Andrews (Pollmann, Karla; Maclean, Simon) in progress
Kingship, counsel and service: ideas and practice of government, 1424-1513.
Hawes, Claire, Ph.D. (2012), St. Andrews (Brown, Michael H.) in progress
Eleventh-century ecclesiastical elections.
Howie, Catriona, Ph.D. (2009), St. Andrews (Andrews, Frances) in progress
Intellectual narratives and elite Roman learning in the Noctes Atticae of Aulus Gellius.
Howley, Joe, Ph.D. (2012), St. Andrews (Koenig, Jason) in progress
A partnership for war: England and Austria in the War of the Spanish Succession.
Karges, Caleb, Ph.D. (2012), St. Andrews (Rowlands, Guy R.) in progress
Blessed are those who weep: the gift of tears in the 13th century.
Knight, Kimberly-Joy, Ph.D. (2011), St. Andrews (Andrews, Frances) in progress
Spines of the thistle: findings of the Jacobite database of 1745.
Layne, Darren, Ph.D. (2012), St. Andrews (Murdoch, Steve) in progress
Law and lordship at Anjou, 987-1151.
McHaffie, Matthew, Ph.D. (2011), St. Andrews (Hudson, John J.G.) in progress
Scottish-Iberian commercial connections, 1580-1750: the impact of dynastic and political unions.
McLoughlin, Claire, Ph.D. (2011), St. Andrews (Murdoch, Steve) in progress
Mathematics for history's sake: a new approach to Ptolemy's geography.
Mintz, Daniel, Ph.D. (2012), St. Andrews (O'Connor, John; Gratwick, Adrian) in progress
Latin books printed in Paris, 1501-40.
Mullins, Sophie, Ph.D. (2009), St. Andrews (Pettegree, Andrew D.M.; Walsby, Malcolm) in progress
Local political cultures and the Communist party of Scotland, 1920-37.
Petrie, Malcolm, Ph.D. (2012), St. Andrews (Knox, Bill) in progress