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Blessed are those who weep: the gift of tears in the 13th century.
Knight, Kimberly-Joy, Ph.D. (2011), St. Andrews (Andrews, Frances) in progress
'Le orrechie si piene di Flandra': Italian news and histories on the revolt in the Netherlands, 1566-1648.
Lamal, Nina, Ph.D. (2014), St. Andrews (Pettegree, Andrew D.M.) in progress
Spines of the thistle: findings from the Jacobite database of 1745.
Layne, Darren, Ph.D. (2012), St. Andrews (Murdoch, Steve) in progress
A naval travesty: the dismissal of Admiral Jellicoe, 1917.
Macfarlane, Allan, Ph.D. (2014), St. Andrews (Dr Groot, Gerard J.) in progress
The Italian occupation of south-eastern France, 1940-3.
MacGalloway, Niall, Ph.D. (2014), St. Andrews (Tyre, Stephen) in progress
Curing the common soul: rethinking Byzantine heresy, with particular focus on literary motifs (11th-12th centuries).
Mincin, Elisabeth, Ph.D. (2014), St. Andrews (Greenwood, Tim) in progress
Mathematics for history's sake: a new approach to Ptolemy's geography.
Mintz, Daniel, Ph.D. (2012), St. Andrews (O'Connor, John; Gratwick, Adrian) in progress
Scottish Unionist and Tory ideas in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
Paquette, Jonathan, Ph.D. (2014), St. Andrews (Kidd, Colin) in progress
Local political cultures and the Communist party of Scotland, 1920-37.
Petrie, Malcolm, Ph.D. (2012), St. Andrews (Knox, Bill) in progress
The culture of music printing in 16th-century Augsburg: performing, learning, trading.
Roper, Amelie, Ph.D. (2014), St. Andrews (Pettegree, Andrew D.M.) in progress
The Hapsburg empire from the outside perspective: experiences and encounters of 19th-century travellers, c.1815-1914.
Schaller, Martin, Ph.D. (2014), St. Andrews (Struck, Bernhard) in progress
The first women at St. Andrews: the L.L.A. from 1877 to 1904.
Smith, Elisabeth, Ph.D. (2014), St. Andrews (Allan, David) in progress
A study of the popularity and dissemination of non-academic history.
Stahl, Megan, Ph.D. (2009), St. Andrews (De Groot, Jerry) in progress
Remembering the First World War in Britain, 1939-45.
Tranter, Samuel, Ph.D. (2013), St. Andrews (De Groot, Jerry) in progress
Divergent timescapes: Britain's changing experience of time in the long 19th century (1750-1914).
Ventura, Marie, Ph.D. (2014), St. Andrews (Struck, Bernhard) in progress
Female patronage of art in the duchy of Württemberg in the 16th and 17th centuries.
Watson, Roisin, Ph.D. (2012), St. Andrews (Heal, Bridget M.) in progress
Change in Northumbria: was Aldfrith of Northumbria's reign a period of innovation or did it merely reflect the development of processes already underway in the late 7th century?
Watson, William, Ph.D. (2011), St. Andrews (Woolf, Alexander) in progress