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Somebody else's war: an analysis of the Indian army's contribution to the First World War campaign on the Western Front and its subsequent commemoration in Britain.
Leenders, Karen, D.Phil. (2012), Sussex (Gazeley, Ian S.; Barron, Hester) in progress
The decorative scheme of the Royal Pavilion, Brighton: George IV's design ideas in the context of European colour theory, 1765-1845.
Loske, Alexandra, D.Phil. (2008), Sussex (Clarke, Meaghan E.; O'Malley, Michelle) in progress
The Anglo-French context of Lord Bolingbroke's religious philosophy.
Macleod, Ross, D.Phil. (2012), Sussex (Whatmore, Richard D.) in progress
Uncover the hidden voice behind the history of attitudes to H.I.V. testing and the implications of H.I.V. on the sexual practices of gay men.
Maher, Michelle, M.Phil. (2012), Sussex (Cassell, Jackie; Endersby, Jim) in progress
R.B. Kitaj and the idea of Europe.
Marshall, Francis, D.Phil. (2010), Sussex (Mellor, David; Burbridge, Benedict) in progress
Magic and mosaics in early Byzantium.
Osbourne, Gavin, D.Phil. (2012), Sussex (James, Elizabeth A.) in progress
Providence and political economy: Josiah Tucker's providential argument for free trade.
Price, Peter, D.Phil. (2011), Sussex (Whatmore, Richard D.; McDaniel, Iain) in progress
'Will never marry': gender, sexuality and singleness in Britain, 1960-90.
Priscott, Emily, D.Phil. (2014), Sussex (Robinson, Lucy; Langhamer, Claire L.) in progress
The art of children's domestic devotion in early modern Italy.
Robinson, Michele N., D.Phil. (2014), Sussex (O'Malley, Michelle) in progress
*Corpus Newtonicum*: constructing digital theories of editing to reconstruct Newton's working methods.
Schilt, Cornelis J., D.Phil. (2014), Sussex (Iliffe, Robert; Hitchcock, Tim) in progress
Commemorating Chartism, remembering Rebecca: collective memories and the use of history in the mining communities of south Wales, 1918-45.
Selway, David, D.Phil. (2014), Sussex (Barron, Hester; Cook, Robert) in progress
'At home' in Standen: a study of the Beale family's lived experience of their late 19th-century Arts and Crafts home, 1891-1971.
Stutchbury, Anne, Ph.D. (2013), Sussex (Clarke, Meaghan E.) in progress
The creation and reception of William Westall's (1781-1850) Admiralty oil paintings of Australia, derived from his voyage in H.M.S. *Investigator*, 1801-3.
Taylor, James M.S., D.Phil. (2012), Sussex (Quilley, Geoffrey) in progress
Topos, science and technology in early modern utopia.
Triantafyllos, Sotirios, D.Phil. (2014), Sussex (Iliffe, Robert) in progress
The meaning of ice: scientific scrutiny and the visual record obtained from the British polar expeditions, 1772-1854.
Ware, Trevor, M.Phil. (2010), Sussex (Quilley, Geoffrey; Clarke, Meaghan E.) in progress
British reactions and attitudes to aerial bombing abroad, 1937-45.
Weir, Paul, D.Phil. (2011), Sussex (Gazeley, Ian S.; Barron, Hester) in progress
Anglicanism, politics and international relations in the work of John Brown.
Yigit, Pervin, D.Phil. (2012), Sussex (Whatmore, Richard D.) in progress
Women in Egypt and Byzantium, revealed through artifacts.
Yousef, Engy Eshak, D.Phil. (2012), Sussex (James, Elizabeth A.) in progress
German rabbis and their impact on Judaism in exile.
Zajdband, Astrid, D.Phil. (2011), Sussex (Reuveni, Gideon; Damodaran, Vinita) in progress