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The people in the pictures: an investigation of Fay Godwin's photographic archive, 1970-2005.
Alexander, Geraldine, D.Phil. (2010), Sussex (Mellor, David) in progress
'Lady be good': an exploration of women making music in the Ivy Bensen Band, 1940-95.
Bailey, Jenna E., D.Phil. (2012), Sussex (Langhamer, Claire L.; Warne, Christopher M.) in progress
Cultural hegemony and women's suffrage in Britain, 1900-28.
Barr, John G., D.Phil. (2010), Sussex (Warne, Christopher M.; Langhamer, Claire L.) in progress
The Ottoman response to France and England and Western views of the Ottoman empire in the era of French Revolution and Napoleonic wars, 1789-1815.
Bayindir, Ali, D.Phil. (2011), Sussex (Livesey, James G.) in progress
Interpreting the language of natural law: Jean Barbeyrac's translations and their role in the development of his natural law theory.
Bisset, Sophie, D.Phil. (2010), Sussex (Haakonssen, Knud; Whatmore, Richard D.) in progress
The British army in Burma.
Boyne, David, D.Phil. (2007), Sussex (Gazeley, Ian S.; Dubow, Saul H.) in progress
The role of Western science and technology in the 'Self-Strengthening Movement', 1861-94.
Chen, Fujuan, D.Phil. (2012), Sussex (Iliffe, Robert) in progress
Rationing has not made me like margarine.
Chevalier, Natacha, D.Phil. (2012), Sussex (Gazeley, Ian S.; Langhamer, Claire L.) in progress
Depictions of power in the imperial art of the early Macedonian emperors: Basil, Leo, Alexander.
Churchill, Neil G., M.Phil. (2010), Sussex (James, Elizabeth A.) in progress
The politics of partnership: Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant, 1912-61.
Clarke, Darren, D.Phil. (2010), Sussex (Mellor, David) in progress
A visual language of austerity in Britain, 1978-86 and 2008-12.
Compton, Alice, Ph.D. (2013), Sussex (Mellor, David) in progress
Empire or Europe? Priorities in British foreign policies from the 1918 armistice to 1930.
Crook, Chris, D.Phil. (2011), Sussex (Dubow, Saul H.; Warne, Christopher M.) in progress
Fear and resilience in the aftermath of the Second World War.
Daniel, Dawn, D.Phil. (2012), Sussex (Langhamer, Claire L.; Gazeley, Ian S.) in progress
Youth, leisure and the English countryside, 1930-60.
Edwards, Sian, D.Phil. (2010), Sussex (Gazeley, Ian S.; Langhamer, Claire L.) in progress
'Seeking the bubble reputation': how the combat motivation of British troops during the Falklands War of 1982 is informed by the western way of warfare during the 20th century.
Eyles, David C., D.Phil. (2010), Sussex (Robinson, Lucy; Gazeley, Ian S.) in progress
Silence and shame? An oral history of ex-combatants of the Portuguese colonial wars, 1961-74.
Ferreira Campos, Angela, D.Phil. (2007), Sussex (Thomson, Alistair; Langhamer, Claire L.) in progress
Focusing the lens: the role of travel and photography in the personal and working lives of Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant.
Field, Claudia L., D.Phil. (2010), Sussex (Mellor, David) in progress
The pope and the pill: exploring the sexual experiences of Catholic women in 1960s Britain.
Geirnger, David, D.Phil. (2012), Sussex (Langhamer, Claire L.) in progress
Elkington Mason & Co. and the art of electro-metallurgy: a social history since c.1840.
Grant, Alistair, D.Phil. (2011), Sussex (Clarke, Meaghan E.; Howard, Maurice) in progress
James Mill's commonplace books and their intellectual context, 1790-1830.
Grint, Kristopher, D.Phil. (2010), Sussex (Whatmore, Richard D.) in progress