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Critical biography of Eddie McAteer.
Canny, Shaun, Ph.D. (2013), Ulster (Loughlin, James; Kelly, William) in progress
Sir William Carroll (1819-91), M.D., M.R.C.S., L.K.Q.C.P., J.P.: a biography of Dublin's 'civic celebrity'.
Carlin, Donna M., Ph.D. (2013), Ulster (Blackstock, Allan; McCormick, Leanne) in progress
U.S. foreign policy and the 'war on terror': Iraq, Iran and Saudi Arabia.
Cassidy, Stephanie, Ph.D. (2013), Ulster (Murray, Leonie; Kirby, Dianne) in progress
The contribution of Northern Irish ports and airfields to maritime strategy and victory in the Battle of the Atlantic.
Davison, Robson, M.Phil. (2013), Ulster (McNamara, Robert; Thatcher, Ian D.) in progress
The Irish republican experience as told by prisoner memoirs.
Doherty, Emmet, M.Res. (2013), Ulster (Blackstock, Allan; Thatcher, Ian D.) in progress
Nineteenth-century Ulster book clubs.
Emerson, Pamela, Ph.D. (2013), Ulster (Blackstock, Allan; Crooke, Elizabeth) in progress
Margaret Anna Cusack, the Nun of the North.
Farrell, Marietta, Ph.D. (2013), Ulster (McCormick, Leanne; Sneddon, Andrew) in progress
Epidemic diseases and the development of public health in Belfast, 1815-78.
Farrell, Nigel, Ph.D. (2013), Ulster (Sneddon, Andrew; McCormick, Leanne) in progress
An enhanced island: witchcraft and magic in Ireland, c.1800-1922.
Fulton, John, Ph.D. (2013), Ulster (Sneddon, Andrew; McCormick, Leanne) in progress
A comparative study of the socio-economic and religious backgrounds of nurses working at the R.V.H. Belfast and the Royal Infirmary Glasgow, 1900-20, and their training within those institutions and subsequent careers.
Graffin, Sean, Ph.D. (2013), Ulster (Jones, Greta J.; McCormick, Leanne) in progress
Women's changing social lives in Northern Ireland, 1921-70.
Grundon, Stephanie, Ph.D. (2013), Ulster (McCormick, Leanne; Kelly, William) in progress
Gender, Derry and emigration.
Halliday, Sarah, Ph.D. (2013), Ulster (Kelly, William; McCormick, Leanne) in progress
Abortion in Northern Ireland since 1967.
Kelly, Clare, M.Res. (2013), Ulster (McCormick, Leanne; Thatcher, Ian D.) in progress
Non-attendance at museums and galleries.
Laverty, Kathleen, Ph.D. (2013), Ulster (Crooke, Elizabeth; Thatcher, Ian D.) in progress
The struggle for the capital: revolutionary urban warfare in Dublin during the 'Irish Troubles', 1919-23.
Lavery, Paul, Ph.D. (2013), Ulster ( McNamara, Robert; O'Connor, P. Emmet J.) in progress
Racial segregation of U.S. federal army detachments during domestic civil disturbance deployments, 1957-68.
Lavis, Lee, Ph.D. (2013), Ulster (Kirby, Dianne; Larres, K.) in progress
The political career of William T. Cosgrove.
MacSuibhne, Seamus, Ph.D. (2013), Ulster (O'Brien, G.; Loughlin, James P.) in progress
Irish nationalism in the West Riding, c.1870-1922.
Maguire, Andrew, Ph.D. (2013), Ulster (Loughlin, James P.; Trew, J. Devlin) in progress
Comparison of why people were committed to Ulster asylums in the late 19th century.
McAneaney, Jodie-Anne, M.Res. (2013), Ulster (Sneddon, Andrew; McCormick, Leanne) in progress
The development of sport in County Antrim and County Derry, c.1840-1914.
McCarron, Michelle, Ph.D. (2013), Ulster (Garnham, N.; Loughlin, James P.) in progress