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Aspects of the Renaissance in Ireland.
Meehan, Sorcha, Ph.D. (2008), Ulster (O'Ciardha, E.; Kelly, B.) in progress
The brief season of the Austrian vice-royalty, 1707-34.
Mileo, Antonio, Ph.D. (2014), Ulster (Guarino, Gabriel; Ó Ciardha, Éamonn) in progress
'Great War' veterans' organisations, commemoration and remembrance in the south of Ireland from partition to the Good Friday Agreement.
Mitchell, Pauline, Ph.D. (2014), Ulster (Loughlin, James P.; Blackstock, Allan) in progress
Civil society and the path to peace in Northern Ireland: a critical assessment of third party intervention in the Northern Ireland conflict and peace process.
Monaghan, Ann, Ph.D. (2008), Ulster (Ryan, S.; Porter, E.) in progress
Access, interpretation and the authority of objects in a digital age.
Murphy, Oonagh, Ph.D. (2013), Ulster (Crooke, Elizabeth; Thatcher, Ian D.) in progress
Man of steel: Philip Murray and the American labour movement.
O Discin, Liam, Ph.D. (2013), Ulster (O'Connor, P. Emmet J.; Kirby, Dianne) in progress
The north-west in a time of war and revolution, 1912-23.
Ozseker, Okan, Ph.D. (2013), Ulster ( McNamara, Robert; Blackstock, Allan) in progress
The Irish labour movement and social partnership.
Patton, Patrick, Ph.D. (2013), Ulster (O'Connor, P. Emmet J.; Loughlin, James P.) in progress
Real life stories in everyday objects: approaches and methodologies.
Purkis, Harriet, Ph.D. (2013), Ulster (Crooke, Elizabeth; Naylor, R.) in progress
The career of Sir John Clotsworthy.
Robinson, Andrew, Ph.D. (2013), Ulster (Ó Ciardha, Éamonn; Kelly, William) in progress
Englishness in England and the 'near diaspora': organisation, influence and expression, 1880s-1970s.
Robinson, Lesley, Ph.D. (2014), Ulster (MacRaild, Donald M.; Loughlin, James P.) in progress
Possession debates in Ulster in the long 19th century.
Shevlin, Jodie, Ph.D. (2013), Ulster (Sneddon, Andrew; Thatcher, Ian D.) in progress
From land to parliament: the management of late 18th-century County Donegal, 1750-1800.
Wright, Emma, Ph.D. (2013), Ulster (Blackstock, Allan; McNamara, Robert) in progress