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Charity, institutions and dominion in British colonial Cyprus, Malta and the Ionian Islands.
Duncan, Josette, Ph.D. (2011), Warwick (Marland, Hilary) in progress
Alteration and authenticity: the afterlife of 18th-century dress.
Dyer, Serena, Ph.D. (2013), Warwick (Riello, Girogio) in progress
The many behind the few: the emotions of Erks and W.A.A.F.s of the R.A.F. Bomber Command, 1939-45.
Ellin, Daniel, Ph.D. (2012), Warwick (Thomson, Matthew) in progress
Beyond company control: E.I.C. servants and the distribution of Chinese luxuries in Europe, 1730–70.
Fellinger, Meike, Ph.D. (2011), Warwick (Berg, Maxine L.) in progress
Western/Prayer Book Rebellion of 1549.
Fellows, Nick, M.Phil./Ph.D. (2013), Warwick (Marshall, Peter) in progress
Lessons of tolerance in post-war liberal filmmaking.
Graves, Hannah, Ph.D. (2013), Warwick (Smyth, Jennifer) in progress
Imperial coaling: steam-power, the Royal Navy and British imperial coaling stations, *c*.1870-1914.
Gray, Stephen, Ph.D. (2012), Warwick (Lambert, David; Blyth, Robert) in progress
Dialogue, debate and democracy: a study of the early modern dialogue genre.
Halford, Jake, Ph.D. (2013), Warwick (Knights, Mark) in progress
Workhouse children and child welfare in Ireland, 1850-1900.
Hallström, Cecilia, Ph.D. (2012), Warwick (Luddy, Maria) in progress
From the sexual revolution to the new plague: a visual investigation into changing notions of sexually transmitted diseases, 1961-92.
Hand, Jane, Ph.D. (2013), Warwick (Bivins, Roberta) in progress
Seventeenth- and 18th-century textiles in Europe and North America.
Hutkova, Karolina, Ph.D. (2013), Warwick (Riello, Girogio) in progress
British servicemen in the Korean war and the construction of Cold War subjectivity.
Huxford, Grace, Ph.D. (2012), Warwick (Steedman, Carolyn; Luddy, Maria) in progress
Missionaries, medicine and healing in Mizoram.
Jackson, Kyle, Ph.D. (2013), Warwick (Hardiman, David; Bivins, Roberta) in progress
Drink and identity: a comparative case study of early modern Bristol and Bordeaux.
Jackson, Matthew, Ph.D. (2011), Warwick (Kümin, Beat; Roberts, Penny) in progress
A little bit me, a little bit you: American and British cross-cultural influence and exchange during the British invasion.
Lieberg, Collin, Ph.D. (2012), Warwick (Fagge, Roger J.) in progress
'Finding our own solutions': second-wave feminism, contemporary psychologies and community-based mental health provision in post-war Britain.
Mahoney, Kate, M.Phil./Ph.D. (2014), Warwick (Thomson, Matthew) in progress
Hair, wigs and wig-making in the 18th century.
Markiewicz, Emma, Ph.D. (2008), Warwick (Riello, Giorgio) in progress
From penance to repentance: the transformation of the Sacrament of Penance in an English Protestant context, 1520-35.
Marquis, Todd, M.Phil./Ph.D. (2013), Warwick (Marshall, Peter) in progress
Mass crimes and human rights violations in Croatia and Slovenia, 1944-5.
Matkovic, Blanka, Ph.D. (2013), Warwick (Mick, Christoph) in progress
Magic and witchcraft in the early modern English Midlands.
McBride, Paula, M.A. (2012), Warwick (Kümin, Beat) in progress