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Changing perceptions: the effects of Enlightenment thought on the identity of a mercantile city.
Bolitho, Alison, Ph.D. (2012), West of England (Dresser, Madge J.; Poole, Steven W.) in progress
The post-war Irish community in Bristol.
Conway, Nick, Ph.D. (2012), West of England (Dresser, Madge J.; Ollerenshaw, Philip G.) in progress
English-language military history and historiography, c.1650-1794.
Evans, Gary, Ph.D. (2007), West of England (Esser, Raingard) in progress
Civil, military and police relations in the King's County and Donegal, c.1870-1900.
Legg, Phillip, Ph.D. (2007), West of England (Ollerenshaw, Philip G.; Fedorowich, Kent) in progress
The patients of the Bristol Lunatic Asylum in the 19th century.
Tobia, Paul, Ph.D. (2012), West of England (Richards, Michael R.; Simpson, Martin) in progress
The relationship between English rural magistrates and their communities, and the decline of paternalism, 1790-1832.
Wallis, Rose, Ph.D. (2007), West of England (Poole, Steven W.) in progress