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Exploring the eccentricities and anachronisms of Gothic revival sculpture in the 19th century.
Hildreth, Claire, Ph.D. (2014), York (Edwards, Jason) in progress
Pious sociability: devotional subculture in 17th-century France, *c*.1650-1680.
Hillman, Jennifer, Ph.D. (2009), York (Carroll, Stuart) in progress
St. Stephen's Chapel, Westminster: architecture and decoration in the courts of Henry III and the three Edwards (1231-1363).
Hillson, James, Ph.D. (2013), York (Ayers, Tim) in progress
Exploring, through the use of a small number of artefacts, how certain symbols or images survived in use from Germanic origins in the 5th/6th century to the late Anglo-Saxon period of the 11th century.
Hunter, Ian, Ph.D. (2014), York (Hawkes, Jane) in progress
Is there such a thing as Antwerp Mannerism, or is this a convenient fictionalisation of the past?
Hutchinson, Benjamin, Ph.D. (2013), York (Nuechterlein, Jeanne) in progress
Art of the Irish pocket gospel books.
Jackson, Eleanor, Ph.D. (2014), York (Hawkes, Jane) in progress
'To know a gentilman': men and gentry culture in 15th-century Yorkshire.
James, Alison, Ph.D. (2010), York (Goldberg, P. Jeremy P.; Ayers, Tim) in progress
Collaborative book production in 15th-century London.
James-Maddocks, Holly, Ph.D. (2012), York (Mooney, Linne; Neuchterlein, Jeanne) in progress
The iconography of the angelic in early Christian Anglo-Saxon art (*c*.600-900).
Jobbins, Clive, Ph.D. (2012), York (Hawkes, Jane) in progress
'A luminous constellation pointing the way'? North Americans, federalism and Rioplatense and Chilean federative republics, 1810-19.
Jones, David M., M.A. (2013), York (Glaisyer, Natasha) in progress
British political intelligence gathering and the Zemstvo movement during the Russian revolution of 1905-7.
Jones, Thomas, M.A. (2013), York (O'Rourke, Shane P.) in progress
Visual translations of Jerusalem in the early modern Netherlands.
Jung, Claudia, Ph.D. (2014), York (Neuchterlein, Jeanne; Vorholt, Hanna) in progress
No two alike: the representation of space in English local maps in the late middle ages.
Kaneko, Beth, Ph.D. (2012), York (Watson, Sethina; Nickson, Tom) in progress
The devil in the writings of Pope Gregory the Great (590-604).
Kingston, Charlotte, M.Phil./Ph.D. (2008), York (Cubitt, Katy) in progress
Furnishing Sir Christopher Wren's churches: Anglican identity in late 17th-century London.
Kirby, Mark, Ph.D. (2014), York (Geraghty, Anthony) in progress
Fourteenth-century history of the London Armourers' Company and their involvement in the war in France.
Kirkland, Brad, Ph.D. (2012), York (Mooney, Linne; Rees Jones, Sarah) in progress
Languages of Power in the Early English Reformation.
Knaack, Christine, Ph.D., York (Cooper, John P. D.) in progress
Languages of power in the early English Reformation.
Knaack, Christine, Ph.D. (2014), York (Cooper, John P.D.) in progress
'Thou shalt give me body and soul': the witch's familiar in early modern England.
Leddy, Gabriela, Ph.D. (2013), York (Sharpe, James A.) in progress
The symbiotic relationship between parish elites and less privileged parishioners.
Lee, Jessica, Ph.D. (2012), York (Ayers, Tim; Watson, Sethina) in progress