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Languages of power in the early English Reformation.
Knaack, Christine, Ph.D. (2014), York (Cooper, John P.D.) in progress
'Thou shalt give me body and soul': the witch's familiar in early modern England.
Leddy, Gabriela, Ph.D. (2013), York (Sharpe, James A.) in progress
The symbiotic relationship between parish elites and less privileged parishioners.
Lee, Jessica, Ph.D. (2012), York (Ayers, Tim; Watson, Sethina) in progress
Conceptual art in Britain, 1964–79.
Lee, Louisa, Ph.D. (2015), York (Applin, Jo) in progress
A material menopause: the cultural and medical negotiation of female middle age in the early modern period.
Lee, Rebekah, Ph.D. (2015), York (van Wyhe, Cordula) in progress
Writing rogues: cheap print, criminals and readers in London, 1590-1670.
Liapi, Eleni, Ph.D. (2010), York (Sharpe, James; Jenner, Mark S.R.) in progress
Possession, consumption and choice: networks of exchange, c.1400–1600.
Liddy, Lisa, M.Phil./Ph.D. (2010), York (Rees Jones, Sarah; Mainman, Ailsa) in progress
Recollections and movements: Murray Marks's translations of Chinese porcelain and Italian Renaissance bronzes, c.1860-1918.
Lim, Eunmin, Ph.D. (2013), York (Prettejohn, Elizabeth) in progress
Early modern British armour and the fashioning of masculinity.
Littlewood, Sophie, Ph.D. (2013), York (van Wyhe, Cordula; Cooper, John) in progress
International health, water and the political economy of development: Uganda and Sudan, 1898-1995.
Lunt, Joanna, Ph.D. (2013), York (Bhattacharya, Sanjoy) in progress
Painted architecture and pictorial place: the representation of architecture in Italy in the 14th and 15th centuries.
Lupi, Livia, Ph.D. (2013), York (Lillie, Amanda) in progress
The queen and the book: Arthurian literature as queenly speculum.
Lyons, Rebecca, Ph.D. (2013), York (Fulton, Helen; Rees Jones, Sarah) in progress
Touch and space in 17th-century mission narratives.
MacDonald, Robin, Ph.D. (2012), York (Jenner, Mark S.R.; Ditchfield, Simon R.) in progress
The women world of Mahmoud Said (1897-1964).
Marin, Roberta, Ph.D. (2015), York (Elias, Chad; Applin, Jo) in progress
Impact of the decline of the Cleveland ironstone industry on Cleveland.
Marsh, Elizabeth C., Ph.D. (2013), York (Black, Lawrence; Symonds, James) in progress
'Coming of age': youth in England, 1400-1600.
Mawhinney, Sarah, Ph.D. (2012), York (Goldberg, P. Jeremy P.) in progress
Gentry perceptions of violence in the 14th century.
McLaughlin, Rhian, Ph.D. (2012), York (Ormrod, W. Mark) in progress
The English use: liturgy and the arts in the Church of England, 1895-1965.
McWilliams, Evan, Ph.D. (2012), York (Geraghty, Anthony) in progress
Popular politics in mid 17th-century London.
Meddelton, Geoffrey, M.A. (2013), York (Jenner, Mark S.R.) in progress
The international context of later 19th-century Italian ceramic art in Florence.
Mellor, Julia, Ph.D. (2015), York (Prettejohn, Elizabeth) in progress