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The strike of 1842 in the West Riding of Yorkshire.
Dean, James, M.A. (2013), Leeds (Chase, Malcolm S.) in progress
Imperial transparency: images of India, paintings on Mica, 19th century.
Dekanic Srenger, Branislava, Ph.D. (2013), Leeds (Major, Andrea; Gould, William) in progress
Motherhood and protest in the United States.
Denton, Georgina, Ph.D. (2011), Leeds (Hall, Simonn D.; Dossett, Kate M.) in progress
Miracles and medicine in the Norman kingdom of Sicily.
Devenney, Amy, Ph.D. (2013), Leeds (Loud, Graham; Oldfield, Paul; McCleery, Iona) in progress
The loyal nonconformist: Dr. Robert Wild and dissent in print.
Dix, Matthew, Ph.D.-suspended (2012), Leeds (Alford, Stephen; Hallett, Raphael J.L.) in progress
The Northern Department of the British Foreign Office and the Soviet Union, 1939-45.
Dooley, Jacqueline, Ph.D. (2011), Leeds (Waddington, Geoffrey G.T.) in progress
The dissemination and reception of visionary devotional instruction of continental and English origin in late medieval England.
Drieshen, Clarck, Ph.D. (2013), Leeds (Jamroziak, Emilia; Batt, Catherine) in progress
Subject to the higher powers: the concept of ordained authority based upon Romans 13:1-7.
Foster, Stephen, Ph.D. (2014), Leeds (Alford, Stephen) in progress
Examining the relationship between consumer behaviour and retailing strategy in the social history of food.
Freear, Josephine, Ph.D. (2011), Leeds (Whiting, Richard C.; Chase, Malcolm S.; Chartres, John A.) in progress
The white working class in colonial Zimbabwe.
Ginsburg, Nicola, Ph.D. (2014), Leeds (Jackson, Will; Doyle, Shane) in progress
The changing nature of *praemunire* between 1393 and 1529.
Gosling, Daniel, Ph.D. (2013), Leeds (Alford, Stepehn) in progress
The external relations of Skipton Grammar School, *c*.1860-1914.
Grant, Douglas, M.A. (2011), Leeds (Chartres, John A.; Chase, Malcolm S.) in progress
Business, the environment and the consumer, 1968-92: the case of Marks and Spencer.
Gray, Jessica, Ph.D. (2012), Leeds (Whiting, Richard C.) in progress
Courtship, leisure and space in York, *c*.1880-1920.
Harrison, Laura, Ph.D. (2012), Leeds (Chase, Malcolm S.) in progress
The Franciscan conception of the book in northern Italy during the 14th and 15th centuries.
Hernandez Vera, Renè, Ph.D. (2011), Leeds (Richardson, Brian; Brunner, Melanie) in progress
Political relations in Europe concerning the Mongols, predominantly in the Avignon Papacy.
Hill, James, Ph.D. (2014), Leeds (Loud, Graham) in progress
Rebellion and warfare in the Tudor state: military organisation, weaponry and field tactics in mid 16th-century England.
Hodgkins, Alex, Ph.D. (2010), Leeds (Murray, Alan V.; Foard, Glenn) in progress
The influence of Admiral Gorshkov and the U.S.-Soviet naval rivalry upon American naval thought.
Huckabey, Jessica, Ph.D. (2011), Leeds (Gooch, John; Afflerbach, Holger H.W.) in progress
British perspectives on the admission of Turkey and Greece to N.A.T.O., 1948-52.
Hussain, Norasmahani, Ph.D. (2013), Leeds (Thornton, Martin) in progress
Spa and seaside resorts in Kent, 1660-1820.
Johnson, Rachael, Ph.D. (2010), Leeds (Chartres, John A.) in progress