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British perspectives on the admission of Turkey and Greece to N.A.T.O., 1948-52.
Hussain, Norasmahani, Ph.D. (2013), Leeds (Thornton, Martin) in progress
The political economy of state controls in the transition from war to peace, 1945-55.
Irving, Henry, Ph.D. (2010), Leeds (Whiting, Richard C.; Hartley, Owen A.) in progress
Spa and seaside resorts in Kent, 1660-1820.
Johnson, Rachael, Ph.D. (2010), Leeds (Chartres, John A.) in progress
King and emperor: the development of the ideology of sacred kingship in England and Ottonian Germany from the 9th to 11th centuries.
Kalliosaari, Sami, Ph.D. (2011), Leeds (Karkov, Catherine; Wood, Ian N.) in progress
Communicating texts: subtraction, aesthetics and the formalisation of consensus through history, language and law in early medieval Spain.
Kelly, Michael, Ph.D. (2011), Leeds (Wood, Ian N.) in progress
Billets to barracks: the development of military accommodation in England, 1750-1850.
King, Stephen, Ph.D. (2012), Leeds (Linch, Kevin B.) in progress
Origins and developments of the medieval outlaw legends.
La Chance, Scott, M.A. (2012), Leeds (Loud, Graham A.) in progress
The New Left communes during the 1960s and 1970s in France and the United States.
Lee, Sangdon, Ph.D. (2012), Leeds (Hall, Simon D.) in progress
The uses of irony and satire in print and popular culture in the Tudor period.
Lowe, Katherine, M.A. (2012), Leeds (Hallett, Raphael J.L.; Wright, Anthony D.) in progress
Pre-university education in late medieval France.
Lynch, Sarah, Ph.D. (2007), Leeds (Flynn, William T.; Black, Robert) in progress
Vikings' presence in the Slavic lands and their part in the creation of social and historical identity in 21st-century Poland.
Maczynska, Katarzyna, Ph.D. (2013), Leeds (Hall, Alaric; Jamroziak, Emilia) in progress
The development of a religious identity in women of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Leeds and Chorley.
Myers, Daylin, Ph.D. (2005), Leeds (Honeyman, Katrina; Dossett, Kate M.) in progress
Pilgrims in the Holy Land, 1187-1291.
Mylod, Elizabeth, Ph.D. (2007), Leeds (Murray, Alan V.; Flynn, William T.) in progress
Whose nation? Post-civil war southern and black American nationalism.
Noe, Jack, Ph.D. (2011), Leeds (Hall, Simon D.; Whiting, Richard C.) in progress
A comparative social analysis of malnutrition in post-colonial Ghana.
Nott, John, Ph.D. (2013), Leeds (Doyle, Shane) in progress
The idea of Rome in the early middle ages.
Papadopoulos, Ioannis, Ph.D. (2012), Leeds (Wood, Ian N.) in progress
Geopolitics, education and empire: the political life of Sir Halford Makinder, 1895-1925.
Pelizza, Simone, Ph.D. (2011), Leeds (Thompson, Andrew; Whiting, Richard C.) in progress
The 'with France' scheme: planning the mobilisation of the British Expeditionary Force, 1904-14.
Phillips, Christopher, Ph.D. (2012), Leeds (Afflerbach, Holger H.W.; Fell, Alison) in progress
The impact of health and disease on military campaigns in the eastern Mediterranean at the time of the Crusades, 1095-1291.
Phillips, Joanna, Ph.D. (2013), Leeds (McCleery, Iona; Murray, Alan) in progress
'Bogged down in housing': politics and planning in residential Leeds, 1954-79.
Philliskirk, Ben, Ph.D. (2010), Leeds (Whiting, Richard C.; Foellmer, Moritz J.) in progress