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Becoming a queen in France, Poland-Lithuania, and the Holy Roman Empire, 1501-76: ceremonies of marriage, coronation and childbirth.
Kosier, Katarzyna, M.Phil. (2014), Southampton (Hayward, Maria; Hunt, Alice) in progress
South African Jews in British entertainment and culture.
Kretzmer-Lockwood, Danielle, M.Phil. (2014), Southampton (Jordan, James; Gilbert, Shirli) in progress
Mental health care in Vichy France.
Legg, Patricia, Ph.D.-suspended (2006), Southampton (Tumblety, Joan L.) in progress
Man of nonsense: Alfred Russel Wallace’s controversial campaigns and his reputation.
Lester, Ahren, Ph.D. (2013), Southampton (Conlin, Jonathan) in progress
'This little republick': the debtors' sanctuary of Southwark Mint.
Levin, John, M.Phil. (2013), Southampton (Conlin, Jonathan) in progress
Anglo-Burgundian cooperation, 1420-35.
Lobanov, Aleksandr, Ph.D. (2013), Southampton (Curry, Anne) in progress
Military ordinances: the development of the English army, 1385-1585.
Martinez, Andrew, M.Phil. (2013), Southampton (Curry, Anne) in progress
Ladies of the garter, *c*.1348-1461: royal patronage and female political agency in late medieval England.
McKenzie, Chloe, M.Phil. (2014), Southampton (Curry, Anne; Hayward, Maria) in progress
Bodiam, Scotney and Igtham: lived experience in the later middle ages.
Minihan, Gemma, Ph.D., Southampton (Johnson, Matthew; Curry, Anne) in progress
The relationship between the Italian Jewish communities and the Catholic Church during the fascist era.
Musker, Laura, M.Phil. (2013), Southampton (Gilbert, Shirli) in progress
The seaborne trade of Southampton, 1772-1815.
Newbery, Maria, M.Phil. (2014), Southampton (McAleer, John; Paul, Helen) in progress
Analysis and comparison of the function and performance of Charles II's yacht, the *Mary* (1660-75) and her rebuild, *c*.1677-1720.
Olaberria, Juan P., M.Phil. (2014), Southampton (Hayward, Maria; Hudson, Dominic; Earl, Graeme) in progress
The abbey at St. Albans and its civic control over the town in the 14th century.
Patience, Rebecca, M.Phil. (2013), Southampton (Clarke, Peter; Karn, Nick) in progress
The emergence of libertarian conservatism in Britain, 1867-1914.
Paynter, Alastair, M.Phil. (2014), Southampton (Conlin, Jonathan) in progress
A comparative study of the Jewish hospital in London and the German hospital in London.
Rein, Howard, M.Phil. (2013), Southampton (Kushner, A.R.J. (Tony)) in progress
Riencros and Brens, 1939-44: concentration camps for women in the south of France before and during the German occupation of the southern zone.
Robson, Catherine, M.Phil. (2001), Southampton (Tumblety, Joan L.) in progress
The International Committee on the Christian Approach to Jews and its role in ecumenical understanding of anti-semitism and the Jewish question during the Hitler years.
Sanzenbacher, Carolyn, M.Phil. (2013), Southampton (Kushner, A.R.J. (Tony)) in progress
The memory of Jewish terrorism within the Anglo-Jewish community.
Shawyer, Sarah, Ph.D., Southampton (Kushner, A.R.J. (Tony)) in progress
John Trussell of Winchester: a life.
Smith, Robert, Ph.D., Southampton (Stoyle, Mark J.; King, Ros) in progress
The development of firearms in late medieval England.
Spencer, Daniel, M.Phil. (2013), Southampton (Curry, Anne) in progress