Theses in progress (UK)

Languages of Power in the Early English Reformation.
Knaack, Christine, Ph.D., York (Cooper, John P. D.) in progress
Colour prejudice in the early modern French empire, c. 1635-1763.
Lamotte, Mélanie, Ph.D., University of Cambridge () in progress
'The course of the gospell interrupted by malicious enemies': Religious Conservatives at the Courts of Henry VIII and Edward VI, c.1540-1550.
Tadghighi, Nasim, Ph.D. (2011), University of Bristol (Hutton, Ronald) in progress
Reading associations in Britain, 1750-1830.
Ford, Christy, D.Phil. (2014), Oxford (Dabhoiwala, Faramerz) in progress
Memorialisation of the Second Boer War in British Public and Private Schools and its implications for WWI remembrance
Huggins, Dennis, MPhil/PhD (2012), Roehammpton (Arnot, Margaret L.; Tosh, John) in progress
The British comedy industry, 1945-60.
Bird, Leo, Ph.D. (2013), Sheffield (Bingham, Adrian C.) in progress
Screening Jewishness: Representations of Jews in British Situation Comedy, 1965-1990.
Byrne, Christopher S., Ph.D. (2014), Southampton (Jordan, James; Colpus, Eve) in progress
The influence of the Holocaust on British anti-fascism, 1945-1967.
Cohen, Joshua, Ph.D. (2014), Leicester (Moore, Paul; Horrocks, Sally) in progress
Modernity and Popular Cultures of Holidaymaking in c.1930s Blackpool
Conway, Rebecca, Ph.D., University of Manchester (Mort, Frank; Doan, Laura) in progress
Fascist Italy's anti-Jewish policy in south-eastern France, 1942-1943
Fenoglio, Luca, Ph.D., University of Edinburgh (Bloxham, Donald ; Ahonen, Pertti ) in progress
Re-evaluating the Pacification of the North-West Frontier of India: 1897-1919.
Morton, Liam, Ph.D. (2012), London (Wilson, Jon; Stockwell, Sarah) in progress
The Victorian Army and the Cadet Colleges: Woolwich and Sandhurst 1840-1902.
Puncher, Sebastian, Ph.D. (2013), Kent (Conelly, Mark; Bowman, Tim) in progress
Remembering the First World War in Britain, 1939-45
Tranter, Samuel, Ph.D., University of St Andrews (DeGroot, Gerard) in progress
Oral Histories of Peace and Environmental Activism in Scotland since the End of World War II
Michel, Imogen, Ph.D., University of Edinburgh (Jackson, Louise) in progress
'Sir, I was much disgusted'. Conservative thought and the war of ideas for moral reform 1780-1832
Reading, Miranda, Ph.D. (2014), King's College London (Burns, Arthur) in progress
Between concentration and pluralisation: the West German press in the 1970s.
Kraiker, Christian-W., Ph.D. (2010), Nottingham (Haase, Christian) in progress
'Opting Out'? Nation, Region and Locality: The BBC in Yorkshire 1945-1990
Verguson, Christine, Ph.D., Huddersfield (Cooper, Martin; Doyle, Barry) in progress
The History of the Polish School of Medicine at the University of Edinburgh, 1941-1949
Palacz, Michal Adam , Ph.D., University of Edinburgh (Ahonen, Pertti; Davis, Gayle) in progress
The police in Edinburgh in the Second World War
Goodwin, Edward G., Ph.D., University of Edinburgh (Jackson, Louise A.; Rodger, Richard) in progress
'Clinging like barnacles to the old hull of Empire': Anglo-American Relations, the British Labour Party, and the Rhodesian crisis, 1976-1980
Carter, Todd, M.Phil. (2014), Oxford (Jackson, Ben) in progress