Theses in progress (UK)

Diplomacy, cultural exchange and the legacy of Anglo-Muscovite relations, 1554-1648.
Zhukova, Tatyana, Ph.D. (2015), Nottingham (Sharipova, L.; Merritt, J.) in progress
Political strategies of laughter in the National Convention, 1792-4.
Zobkiw, Jacob, Ph.D. (2012), Hull (Biskup, Thomas) in progress
The rise and fall of the Communist-Syndicalists of the C.N.T. (1917-23).
Zoffman Rodriguez, Arturo, M.Phil. (2014), Oxford (Healey, Dan; Rogers, Graciela Iglesias) in progress
The hippy movement in Latvia, 1967-92.
Zolnerovica, Liva, M.Litt., Bristol (Furst, Juliane; McLellan, Josie) in progress
The persistence of Catholicism in Denmark after the Protestant Reformation, 1535-1629.
Zuliani, Federico, Ph.D. (2010), London (Hamilton, Alastair; Kraye, Jill A.) in progress
Forestry in Lithuania, 1918-40.
Zydeliene, Loreta, Ph.D. (2011), Hull (Bankoff, Greg) in progress
'Opting Out'? Nation, Region and Locality: The BBC in Yorkshire 1945-1990
Verguson, Christine, Ph.D., Huddersfield (Cooper, Martin; Doyle, Barry) in progress
The History of the Polish School of Medicine at the University of Edinburgh, 1941-1949
Palacz, Michal Adam , Ph.D., University of Edinburgh (Ahonen, Pertti; Davis, Gayle) in progress
The police in Edinburgh in the Second World War
Goodwin, Edward G., Ph.D., University of Edinburgh (Jackson, Louise A.; Rodger, Richard) in progress
Pakistan-U.S. relations.
Akhtar, Shakil, M.Phil./Ph.D. (2013), Central Lancashire (Constable, Philip; Colman, Jonathon) in progress
History and implication of the principles of authentication in art.
Akkari, Rita, D.Phil. (2015), Oxford (Kemp, M.J.; Baker, M.) in progress
Kuwaiti business relationships with India: trade, merchants and cultural impact, mid 19th century-1945.
al Fadhli, Madeha, Ph.D. (2013), Bangor (Koller, Christian) in progress
Persistence of French influence on Mauritius after 1810.
Allan, Michael, Ph.D. (2013), Leicester (Anderson, Clare) in progress
Orthodox economics, social norms and the financial services, 1970 to the present.
Ally, Masud, D.Phil. (2012), Oxford (Offer, Avner) in progress
Classify and conquer? Religious intellectual discovery and empire.
Apostol, Nicole M., D.Phil. (2013), Oxford (Garnett, E. Jane) in progress
Sentiments of the lost land: the rise of Argentine tango in Japan.
Asaba, Yuiko, Ph.D. (2014), London (Stobart, Henry) in progress
Chinese foreign relations: the case of the port of Piraeus, 1950s-2000s.
Balta, Gina, M.Phil./Ph.D. (2013), Greenwich (Bellamy, Chris; Wilcox, Martin) in progress
The commercialisation of mountain climbing, 1945-90.
Barcham, Thomas P., Ph.D. (2013), De Montfort (Williams, Jean) in progress
Placing knowledge in a decolonising world: the Commonwealth Fund for Technical Cooperation (C.F.T.C.) and the histories of expertise for development, 1965-90.
Battey, Matthew, Ph.D. (2015), London (Murphy, Philip) in progress
Ottoman emigration to the U.S.A., Argentina and Chile in the age of mass migrations, 1870-1914.
Baycar, Muhammet K., D.Phil. (2012), Oxford (O'Rourke, Kevin) in progress