Theses in progress (UK)

'An unrepentant Old Whig': a genealogy of Hayekian liberty.
Irving, Sean, Ph.D. (2013), Manchester (Jones, Stuart; Taithe, Bertrand) in progress
Religious materiality in 17th-century Prague.
Ivanic, Suzanna, Ph.D. (2014), Cambridge (Rublack, Ulinka) in progress
Soviet football stadiums of Leningrad, 1956-84: historical spaces of control?
Jackson, Alexander, Ph.D. (2015), Manchester (Jerram, Leif; Tolz, Vera) in progress
Cultures of drink: a comparative case study of early modern Bristol and Bordeaux.
Jackson, Matthew, Ph.D. (2011), Warwick (Kümin, Beat; Roberts, Penny) in progress
Fraternity in combat: foreigners and resistance in the French republican tradition, 1870-1945.
Jacobson, Gavin, D.Phil. (2012), Oxford (Hazareesingh, Sudhir) in progress
Art beyond state socialism: transnational networks and alternative spaces in East Germany and Poland in the 1970s.
Jarzebska, Aneta, M.Litt. (2012), Bristol (Furst, Juliane; McLellan, Josie) in progress
Learning to travel: British tourists in France, 1885-1925.
Jeffries, Chloe E., D.Phil. (2012), Oxford (Hopkin, David M.; Whyte, William H.) in progress
Perceptions of the murderess in 18th-century London and Paris, 1674-1789.
Jenkin, Anna, Ph.D. (2013), Sheffield (Shoemaker, Robert B.) in progress
Political order and authority in Martin Luther and Philipp Melanchthon, 1525-47.
Jensen, Mads Langballe, Ph.D. (2013), London (Gowland, Angus) in progress
Polish exhibitions between the 1940s and the 1970s.
Jezowska, Katarzuna, D.Phil. (2015), Oxford (Kunicki, Mikulaj; Betts, Paul) in progress
An investigation of the relationship between science and politics in inter-war Europe.
John, Steffan, Ph.D. (2011), Swansea (Lewis, Jill J.; Mosley, Adam) in progress
Managing expectations: the electric telegraph in 19th-century Germany.
Johnston, Jean-Michel, D.Phil. (2014), Oxford (Zimmer, Oliver) in progress
French responses to the war in Bosnia.
Jones, Christopher D., Ph.D. (2012), East Anglia () in progress
British political intelligence gathering and the Zemstvo movement during the Russian revolution of 1905-7.
Jones, Thomas, M.A. (2013), York (O'Rourke, Shane P.) in progress
Visual translations of Jerusalem in the early modern Netherlands.
Jung, Claudia, Ph.D. (2014), York (Neuchterlein, Jeanne; Vorholt, Hanna) in progress
Competing political spaces in colonial Cyprus, 1931-50.
Kalantzopoulos, Dimitris, M.Phil./Ph.D. (2015), King's College London (Ricks, David; Drayton, Richard H.) in progress
Magnitizdat as a material form of rock music subculture in the U.S.S.R. in the 1970s and 1980s.
Kan, Anna, M.Litt. (2012), Bristol () in progress
A partnership for war: England and Austria in the War of the Spanish Succession.
Karges, Caleb, Ph.D. (2012), St. Andrews (Rowlands, Guy R.) in progress
The impact of war and genocide on the German Republic, 1991-9.
Karmann, Till, Ph.D. (2014), Cambridge (Simms, Brendan; Hill, Christopher) in progress
The impact of foreign military volunteers in Finland during the Second World War.
Karvinen, Kristo, M.Phil./Ph.D. (2012), Worcester (McNally, Paddy) in progress