Theses in progress (UK)

Politics of air power in U.S.-China relations, 1928-42.
Buchan, Eugenie, Ph.D. (2010), Exeter (Overy, Richard; Smith, Joseph) in progress
A-Ya magazine: Soviet unofficial art between Moscow, Paris and New York, 1976-86.
Butakova, Elizaveta, Ph.D. (2011), London (Wilson, Sarah) in progress
Liberating the coolie: moralising narratives on Chinese indentured labour in British Guiana and South Africa, 1870-1911.
Carins, Edward C., M.St. (2015), Oxford (Belich, James) in progress
'Clinging like barnacles to the old hull of Empire': Anglo-American Relations, the British Labour Party, and the Rhodesian crisis, 1976-1980
Carter, Todd, M.Phil. (2014), Oxford (Jackson, Ben) in progress
U.S. foreign policy and the 'war on terror': Iraq, Iran and Saudi Arabia.
Cassidy, Stephanie, Ph.D. (2013), Ulster (Murray, Leonie; Kirby, Dianne) in progress
The disintegration of the system: far-right terrorism, fascist mythicism and metapolitics.
Castriota, Anna, Ph.D. (2014), Northampton (Jackson, Paul; Beach, Jim) in progress
U.S. maritime policy in East Asia during the Cold War era, 1945-79.
Chen, Kuan-jen, Ph.D. (2015), Cambridge (Preston, Andrew) in progress
A critical re-evaluation of 20th-century visual formalism.
Choi, Jinhee, D.Phil. (2015), Oxford (Kemp, M.J.; Crowther, P.D.) in progress
Global imbalances in public discourse, 1943-74.
Choo, Benjamin, Ph.D. (2010), Cambridge (Daunton, Martin) in progress
British, French and American attitudes and policies towards the rebirth of Poland, 1914-21.
Clark, Denis, D.Phil. (2012), Oxford (MacMillan, Margaret O.) in progress
Does inequality lower social mobility? Historical evidence from the U.S., U.K., and Scandinavia.
Coker, Jerod K., M.Sc. (2015), Oxford (O'Rourke, Kevin) in progress
U.S.-Egyptian 'joint strategy', 1972-6: planning and implementation/history of U.S. foreign relations, Cold War, Middle East.
Condron, Aidan, Ph.D. (2013), Aberystwyth (Priest, Andrew; Vaughan, James) in progress
Divided we fall: continuity or discontinuity in close air support, 1919-39.
Coningham, Simon, Ph.D. (2009), King's College London (Sabin, Philip A.G.; Hall, David) in progress
Mass media and the first Red scare.
Corkery, Claire M., M.St. (2015), Oxford (Sexton, Jay) in progress
Comparing the underlying social and economic circumstances in Mexico and Russia before their respective revolutions.
Cortes, Jan H., M.Phil. (2014), Oxford (A'Hearn, Brian) in progress
Anglo-Turkish relations and the Cyprus problem, 1967-80.
Coskun, Yasin, Ph.D. (2012), East Anglia () in progress
'Voices from Slough': a socio-historic empirical analysis of Somali refugees and 'Accession Eight' Polish economic migrants.
Cox, Mel, Ph.D. (2008), London (Ansari, K. Humayun) in progress
Empire, colonialism and the Russian concession in Tianjin.
Crawford, Alan, Ph.D. (2012), Bristol (Bickers, Robert) in progress
Penal Sakhalin: forging identity in the Euro-Asian borderlands.
Crockett, Carrie, Ph.D. (2014), Leicester (Anderson, Clare) in progress
Pox, docks and entrepôts - infectious disease, threats and responses across a British imperial maritime network, 1872-1912.
Crompton, Rhian, D.Phil. (2012), Oxford (Harrison, Mark) in progress