Theses in progress (UK)

Mourning jewellery in England, *c*.1500-1800.
Middlemass, Cara, Ph.D. (2014), Newcastle (Boulton, Jeremy; Webster, Jane) in progress
'Les Belles Années du Plan': mixed economy and supranational integration in European socialism, 1930-45.
Milani, Tommaso, Ph.D. (2014), London (Ludlow, Piers) in progress
The brief season of the Austrian vice-royalty, 1707-34.
Mileo, Antonio, Ph.D. (2014), Ulster (Guarino, Gabriel; Ó Ciardha, Éamonn) in progress
British representations of Kurdish-Armenian relations, 1870-1928.
Mohammed, Adnan A., Ph.D. (2014), Leicester (Sweet, Rosemary H.) in progress
After the Blitz: Luftwaffe operations over the United Kingdom after May 1941.
Moore, Stephen, Ph.D. (2013), Newcastle (Baldoli, Claudia; Farr, Martin) in progress
The impact of the French Revolution and its aftermath on the English country house.
Morris, Janice, Ph.D. (2013), Leicester (Sweet, Rosemary H.) in progress
Origins of commercial fishing in Iceland.
Morrison, Stuart, Ph.D. (2007), Stirling (Oram, Richard D.; Simpson, Ian) in progress
The Turkish Cypriots under British rule, 1908-55: from a religious community to an ethnic minority.
Moutsis, Ioannis, Ph.D. (2008), London (Fortna, Benjamin) in progress
Sibelius: post-crisis.
Moynihan, Sarah, Ph.D. (2012), London (Harper-Scott, Paul) in progress
The department store in south-west Germany, 1880-1940.
Mueller, John F., Ph.D. (2014), Cambridge (Evans, Richard) in progress
Killing in the German army: organising and surviving combat in the Great War.
Murphy, Brendan, Ph.D. (2012), Sheffield (Ziemann, Benjamin) in progress
The relationship between the Italian Jewish communities and the Catholic Church during the fascist era.
Musker, Laura, M.Phil. (2013), Southampton (Gilbert, Shirli) in progress
Historical narratives and European nationalisms: the cases of Germany and Ireland compared, *c*.1840 to the inter-war period.
Nagle, Shane, Ph.D. (2011), London (Ceserani, David) in progress
The perils of industrialisation: child health in post-medieval England.
Newman, Sophie L., Ph.D. (2014), Durham (Gowland, Rebecca; Graves, Pam; Church, Mike) in progress
The oldest alliance: a material exploration of early modern English-Portuguese relationships.
Newstead, Sarah, Ph.D. (2014), Leicester (Tarlow, Sarah; Harris, Oliver) in progress
Italian contemporary popularism and regionalism.
Newth, George, M.Phil./Ph.D. (2014), Reading (Duggan, Christopher) in progress
The Paris commune and French Revolutionary thought, *c*.1871-89.
Nicholls, Julia, Ph.D. (2013), London (Stedman Jones, Gareth) in progress
Nationalism and archaeology in Cyprus.
Nikolaou, Polina, Ph.D. (2011), Exeter (Naylor, Simon; Harvey, David) in progress
Baroque towns built in the Val di Noto area of Sicily, 1700-80.
Nixon, Martin, Ph.D. (2012), York (Hills, Helen) in progress
International military subsidy treaties during the Nine Years' War and the War of the Spanish Succession.
Nora, Thomas M., Ph.D. (2013), Hull (Wilson, Peter; Prior, Charles) in progress