Theses in progress (UK)

British government and the Inter-Governmental Committee on Refugees, 1938-43.
Packer, Diana, Ph.D. (2015), Northumbria (Lawson, Tom) in progress
'Civil emergencies': the langauges and methods of state responses to 'communal violence' in the inter-war years.
Parker, Charles J.P., M.St. (2015), Oxford (Devji, Faisal) in progress
The development of numeracy and the dissemination of Hindu-Arabic numerals in the early modern period, 1550-1750.
Periton, Cheryl, Ph.D. (2014), Canterbury Christ Church (Eales, Jacqueline S.) in progress
'Women of all races and nations welcome'? British feminists and the empire, 1918-38.
Pink, Ester M., M.St. (2015), Oxford (Belich, James) in progress
Early modern theories and modes of conquest in the 16th and 17th century.
Pollex, Jonas P., D.Phil (2015), Oxford (Parkin, Jon) in progress
Counter-insurgency in Vietnam.
Poole, Darren, M.Phil. (2013), Chester (Jackson, Donna) in progress
A comparative analysis of the exploration, collection, classification and publication of the scientific work done on British and French naval expeditions to the Antipodes, 1766-1842.
Price, Joan, M.Phil. (2013), Exeter (Müller-Wille, Staffan) in progress
The U.S. pacification advisory effort in the Vietnam War from the perspective of the advisors.
Pulliam, William N., D.Phil. (2012), Oxford (Davies, Gareth B.; Johnson, Robert) in progress
Malaysia vs. Nigeria: palm oil and development (British business interests in the colonies post-independence).
Purdie, Gavin, Ph.D. (2014), Glasgow (Stokes, Ray; Mukherjee, Sumita) in progress
Britain and France in the Middle East: re-examining the motives behind policies, 1915-22.
Pyne Jones, Louise, Ph.D. (2014), Leeds (Arielli, Nir; Gould, William R.) in progress
To what extent does the 'Barcelona Process: Union for the Mediterranean' offer real partnership and equal economic benefits to the Middle East partners?
Rabadi, Madlen, D.Phil. (2015), Sussex (Evans, Martin; Kalmbach, Hilary) in progress
The British imperial response to the refugee problem: the Jewish and Chinese cases.
Reeve, Jennifer S., Ph.D. (2012), East Anglia () in progress
J.S. Mill and the language of reform within the British empire, c.1859-71.
Richards, Jake C., M.St. (2015), Oxford (Young, Brian) in progress
Anglo-American-U.N. relations in the Middle East, 1956-60.
Rietkerk, Aaron, Ph.D. (2012), London (Ashton, Nigel J.) in progress
The role of political and cultural discursive conflict in 20th-century transport transitions: a refinement of the multi-level perspective.
Roberts, Cameron, Ph.D. (2014), Manchester (Geels, Frank; Sumner, James) in progress
Edward Gibbon and perceptions of decline in the late 18th-century British empire.
Roberts, Hamish S., M.St. (2015), Oxford (Young, Brian) in progress
Gathering limbs: photomontage as a contemporary response to war.
Robson, Clare, M.St. (2015), Oxford (Johnson, Geraldine) in progress
Encountering difference in the age of discovery: understanding indigenous perceptions of Europeans, 1492-1572.
Rogers, Claudia, Ph.D. (2015), Leeds (Anim-Addo, Anyaa J.) in progress
The experience of childhood in Mamluk society (Egypt and Syria, 1250-1517).
Rose, Catherine, Ph.D. (2013), London (Rapoport, Yossef) in progress
Food and dining in the German defence: subsistence, logistics and American strategic culture in World War II.
Russell, Jill, Ph.D. (2012), King's College London (Holden Reid, Brian) in progress