Theses in progress (UK)

The circulation of fashion in the British empire in the 18th and 19th centuries.
Bonewitz, Anna, Ph.D. (2013), York (Prettejohn, Liz) in progress
The U.S.A. and Southern Rhodesia, 1953-69.
Boxer, Andrew K.A., D.Phil. (2012), Oxford (Sexton, Jay; Tuck, Stephen G.N.) in progress
Structural causes of German emigration to the U.S., 1848-1900.
Boyd, James, Ph.D. (2010), Cardiff (Strobl, Gerwin; Jones, Bill) in progress
Herbert Ward: sculpture, politics and exploration in the Atlantic world, 1884 to the present.
Breedon, Kirsty, Ph.D. (2012), York (Edwards, Jason) in progress
The politics of monetarism, 1978-87.
Broadbent, Adam, M.Phil. (2009), London (Hennessy, Peter J.) in progress
In the hands of the Turk: British, Indian and Dominion prisoners from the ranks of the Ottoman empire, 1914-18.
Brown, Patricia, M.A. (2012), Leeds (Afflerbach, Holger H.W.) in progress
Politics of air power in U.S.-China relations, 1928-42.
Buchan, Eugenie, Ph.D. (2010), Exeter (Overy, Richard; Smith, Joseph) in progress
Naval arms race.
Buckey, Christopher, Ph.D. (2010), Salford (Grove, Eric J.; Searle, Alaric) in progress
Comparative perspective between Columbian and Basque conflicts.
Buckley, Nicholas, M.Phil./Ph.D. (2013), London (Graham, Helen E.) in progress
Luxury, sensibility, climate and taste in the 18th-century worldwide racialisation of difference.
Cadelo-Bultrago, Andrea, Ph.D. (2008), Warwick (Earle, Rebecca) in progress
U.S. foreign policy and the 'war on terror': Iraq, Iran and Saudi Arabia.
Cassidy, Stephanie, Ph.D. (2013), Ulster (Murray, Leonie; Kirby, Dianne) in progress
Influence of Asian art on abstract expressionism in America since 1938.
Chae, Jung Gyun, M.Phil. (2012), York (Turner, Sarah; White, Michael) in progress
Diplomatic relations between the German Democratic Republic and the People's Republic of China in the 1980s: conditions and consequences.
Chen, Zhong, Ph.D. (2011), London (Spohr Readman, A.R. Kristina) in progress
British, French and American attitudes and policies towards the rebirth of Poland, 1914-21.
Clark, Denis, D.Phil. (2012), Oxford (MacMillan, Margaret O.) in progress
Women's experience in anti-war movements, 1960-2008.
Coburn, Jonathan, Ph.D. (2013), Northumbria (Cullinane, Michael) in progress
U.S.-Egyptian 'joint strategy', 1972-6: planning and implementation/history of U.S. foreign relations, Cold War, Middle East.
Condron, Aidan, Ph.D. (2013), Aberystwyth (Priest, Andrew; Vaughan, James) in progress
Divided we fall: continuity or discontinuity in close air support, 1919-39.
Coningham, Simon, Ph.D. (2009), King's College London (Sabin, Philip A.G.; Hall, David) in progress
Anglo-Turkish relations and the Cyprus problem, 1967-80.
Coskun, Yasin, Ph.D. (2012), East Anglia () in progress
'Voices from Slough': a socio-historic empirical analysis of Somali refugees and 'Accession Eight' Polish economic migrants.
Cox, Mel, Ph.D. (2008), London (Ansari, K. Humayun) in progress
Sino-American strategic co-operation, 1971-6.
Coyer, Paul, Ph.D. (2004), London (Casey, Steven) in progress