Theses in progress (UK)

Empire, colonialism and the Russian concession in Tianjin.
Crawford, Alan, Ph.D. (2012), Bristol (Bickers, Robert) in progress
Pox, docks and entrepôts - infectious disease, threats and responses across a British imperial maritime network, 1872-1912.
Crompton, Rhian, D.Phil. (2012), Oxford (Harrison, Mark) in progress
The impact of the American civil rights movement on Ghanaian social movements, 1955-66.
Crone-Barber, Katie, Ph.D. (2012), Sheffield (Larmer, Miles) in progress
Britain's experience of empire.
Crutchley, Jody, M.Phil./Ph.D. (2012), Worcester (Fleming, Neil; McNally, Paddy) in progress
U.S. policy towards Israel under President Johnson.
Cummings, Jodie H.B., M.Phil. (2010), Aberystwyth (Nicholas, Siân H.; Gibbs, Jessica F) in progress
The United States Information Agency: American propaganda, public diplomacy and psychological warfare in western Europe, and particularly Italy, 1963-73.
D'Agati, Sara, Ph.D. (2013), Cambridge (Reynolds, David) in progress
Atlantic transitions: Jonathan Dickinson and the Anglo world, 1655-1725.
Daniels, Jason, Ph.D. (2010), Warwick (Lockley, Tim) in progress
Intelligence and British decolonisation: the development of an imperial intelligence system in the late colonial period, 1944-66.
Davey, Gregor, Ph.D. (2011), King's College London (Stockwell, Sarah E.) in progress
Imagining inlandsis: climate change, exploration and the visual culture of ice sheets.
de Pomereu, Jean, Ph.D. (2011), Exeter (Naylor, Simon) in progress
The transportation of women from London and Paris to America in the early modern period.
Desrochers, Suzanne, M.Phil./Ph.D. (2011), King's College London (Gowing, Laura) in progress
'What's past is prologue': the two Germanies and Israel, 1949-65.
Devita, Lorena, Ph.D. (2013), Aberystwyth (Edkins, Jenny; Hughes, Gerry) in progress
Self-preservation or pre-meditated attacks? Assaults on fellow comrades committed by their own troops during the Vietnam war.
Dixon, Lee, Ph.D. (2013), Manchester (Carden-Coyne, Ana; Brown, David) in progress
The history of 19th-century mutual aid societies from a comparative and transnational perspective.
Downing, Arthur, D.Phil. (2013), Oxford (Oxley, Deborah J.) in progress
British-Swedish relations in the era of the American Revolutionary Wars: a study of diplomatic, military and economic relations, 1773-63.
Drakenlordh, Rikard, Ph.D. (2013), Bath Spa (Marshall, Alan; Chalus, Elaine) in progress
Professional sojourners in and beyond the British empire: a study of co-imperialism, 1850-1950.
Earle, Christopher, M.Phil. (2013), Exeter () in progress
American war journalism in Korea and Vietnam.
Elliott, Oliver, Ph.D. (2013), London (Casey, Steven) in progress
The War of Jenkin's Ear: New Granada and great power conflict in the early 18th century.
Fajardo, Luis E., D.Phil. (2012), Oxford (Deas, Malcolm D.) in progress
‘To supplement but not to supplant’: the U.S. Embassy in Saigon and the American effort in Vietnam, 1950-7.
Ferguson, Alex, M.Phil. (2013), Southampton (Oliver, Kendrick) in progress
Contemporary Jewish responses to interfaith dialogue.
Fidler, Wendy, M.Phil. (2013), Southampton (Kushner, A.R.J. (Tony)) in progress
'Behavioural selves'. An epigraph for social media information, identity, selfhood: Facebook as a technology of the self.
Fletcher, Chris, Ph.D. (2012), Lancaster (Wong, Yoke-Sum) in progress