Theses in progress (UK)

Partition in Bengal: memory and history beyond the state and nation.
Ferdious, Sayeed, Ph.D. (2011), Lancaster (Sayer, Derek) in progress
Power, prestige and the past: archaeology, antiquities legislation and British imperialism in the Near East, 1815-1939.
Fisher, Nathan W. D., D.Phil. (2012), Oxford (Rogan, Eugene L.) in progress
Empire, medicine and society: Irish and Indian case studies, 1850-1914.
Fitzpatrick, Kieran J., D.Phil. (2014), Oxford (Harrison, Mark) in progress
Changing the state-society relations in late 19th-century Afghanistan: state building and group identities reconsidered through the categories of British colonial knowledge.
Fuoli, Francesca, Ph.D. (2013), London (Tejani, Shabnum) in progress
In need of a new story: writing, teaching and learning history in mandatory Palestine.
Furas, Jonathan H., D.Phil. (2012), Oxford (McDougall, James) in progress
The 'ex-criminal tribes' in modern India: caste, criminality and independence, 1940–2000.
Gandee, Sarah, Ph.D. (2015), Leeds (Gould, William R) in progress
Studies in history of politics: Calcutta, 1920s to 1970s.
Gangopadhyay, Agnibho, D.Phil. (2012), Oxford (Devji, Faisal) in progress
Security, agency, and tariff: how significantly did the English East India Company's institutional changes affect the economy of Bombay between 1650 and 1700?
Ganley, Colin C., D.Phil. (2015), Oxford (Washbrook, D.A.) in progress
Western pollutions and the paradox of opening up: ideologies, objects, and bodies in the People's Republic of China, 1972-92.
Gewirtz, Julian B., D.Phil. (2014), Oxford (Mitter, Rana) in progress
A story of contemporary Chinese art: the new concrete movements and the south-west art group.
Gong, Zhiyun, D.Phil. (2015), Sussex (Mellor, David) in progress
Filipino nationalism and the Filipino martial arts.
Gonzales, Rey Carlo, Ph.D. (2015), Manchester (Carden-Coyne, Ana; Pierce, Steven) in progress
Factories of empire: the British in Baghdad and the Persian Gulf, c.1620-1822.
Good, Peter, Ph.D. (2014), Essex (Frost, Mark) in progress
The evolution of consumer culture in the families of Jaffa, 1920-67.
Guillet, Jacques Rouyer, Ph.D. (2013), London (Fuccaro, Nelida) in progress
Gender identity among the consort - kings and their queens in the 12th and 13th century Levant.
Halloran, David, M.A. (2015), Huddersfield (Lewis, Katherine) in progress
Flawed ideals: classical models and East India Company rule.
Hamer, Benjamin F., M.St. (2015), Oxford (Darwin, John) in progress
An analysis of the ideology, rhetoric and philosophy underpinning Indian activism since the Second World War.
Harvey-Sporle, Ben, Ph.D. (2014), Canterbury Christ Church (Hitchmough, Sam) in progress
Conquest and liberty in India, 1820-40.
Hazzard, Kieran, M.Phil./Ph.D. (2015), King's College London (Wilson, Jon; Burns, Arthur) in progress
The British empire and the challenge of Japan, 1904-11.
Heere, Cornelius, Ph.D. (2013), London (Best, Antony M.) in progress
British foreign policy towards China, 1842-56.
Heselwood, Luke, Ph.D. (2013), Manchester (Zheng, Yangwen; Jones, Stuart) in progress
Running the empires: the administrative transition from Achaemenid to Seleucid rule.
Hicks, Jennifer, Ph.D. (2013), London (van Bremen, Riet) in progress