Theses completed (Republic of Ireland)

The Irish in Punjab, 1881-1921.
O'Leary, Patrick, Ph.D. (2008), Maynooth (Speller, Ian)Republic of Ireland record
The I.R.A.: internment and its activities from World War II to the border campaign.
O'Sullivan, Colm, M.Phil. (2012), University College Cork (National University of Ireland) (Doherty, Gabriel)Republic of Ireland record
Land surveying in 18th- and early 19th-century Dublin.
O’Cionnaith, Finnian, Ph.D. (2011), Maynooth (Prunty, Jacinta)Republic of Ireland record
Irish planters, Atlantic merchants: the development of St. Croix, Danish West Indies, 1750-66.
Power, Orla, Ph.D. (2011) (Canny, Nicholas)Republic of Ireland record
Religion and U.S. foreign policy during the presidencies of Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan.
Steading, William, M.Phil. (2012), University College Cork (National University of Ireland) (Ryan, David)Republic of Ireland record
Landlords: land, politics and economy during the Land War, 1877-1903.
Sutton, John Gerard, Ph.D. (2012)Republic of Ireland record
War veterans, land distribution and revolution in Ireland, 1919-23.
Tynan, Edward, Ph.D. (2012), Maynooth (Dooley, Terence)Republic of Ireland record
Ireland and Spain, 1939-55: cultural, economic and political relations from neutrality in the Second World War to joint membership of the United Nations.
Whelan, Barry, Ph.D. (2012), Maynooth (Ribeiro de Meneses, Filipe)Republic of Ireland record
Anglo-Irish relations, 1966-77, with emphasis on European Community applications.
Whelan, Michael, Ph.D. (2012), University College Cork (National University of Ireland) (O'Driscoll, Mervyn)Republic of Ireland record
Displaced allegiance: militant Irish republican activism in the United States, 1923-39.
Wilk, Gavin J., Ph.D. (2012), University of Limerick (Whelan, Bernadette)Republic of Ireland record
Images and perceptions of Hungary and Austria-Hungary in Ireland, 1815-75.
Zarka, Zsuzsanna, Ph.D. (2012), Maynooth (Hill, Jacqueline)Republic of Ireland record
Irish periodicals in their Atlantic context, 1770-1830: the monthly and quarterly magazines of Dublin, with comparison to those of Edinburgh and Philadelphia.
Archbold, Johanna, Ph.D. (2008), Trinity College DublinRepublic of Ireland record
John Lynch's science of truth: royalism, jurisprudence and late Renaissance in 17th-century Ireland.
Campbell, Ian, Ph.D. (2008), Trinity College Dublin (Ohlmeyer, Jane H.)Republic of Ireland record
'Learn to live with South Africa': the Heath administration and arms sales to South Africa.
Feehan, Sarah, Ph.D. (2009), Dublin (Aldous, Richard)Republic of Ireland record
Irish foreign policy and sub-Saharan Africa, 1955-75.
O'Sullivan, Kevin, Ph.D. (2009), Trinity College Dublin (Dickson, David)Republic of Ireland record
The temple economies of Ptolemaic Egypt.
Connolly, Helen, M.Litt. (2010) (McGing, Brian)Republic of Ireland record
Policing, security, resistance and compliance in Gallia Comata, Britain and the Germanies, 26 B.C.-A.D. 284.
Couper, James Grant, Ph.D. (2010) (Dodge, Hazel)Republic of Ireland record
Horse breeds and breeding in the Greco-Persian world: 2nd and 1st millennia B.C.
Donaghy, Thomas, Ph.D. (2009), DublinRepublic of Ireland record
Aspects of the Irish hillfort: a reappraisal in light of recent research in the Upper Slaney Valley.
Flood, Rupert, M.Litt. (2009), DublinRepublic of Ireland record
Drogheda as a case-study of an Anglo-Norman town foundation, 1188-1412.
Buldorini, Chiara, Ph.D. (2009), Trinity College Dublin (Simms, Katherine)Republic of Ireland record