Theses completed (Republic of Ireland)

Drogheda as a case-study of an Anglo-Norman town foundation, 1188-1412.
Buldorini, Chiara, Ph.D. (2009), Trinity College Dublin (Simms, Katherine)Republic of Ireland record
Perceptions of conversion in 7th-century Ireland: representations of religious transformation in the 'Lives' of Brigit and Patrick.
Dawson, Elizabeth, Ph.D. (2011) (Johnston, Elva)Republic of Ireland record
Crown and community on the royal manors of the Liffey Valley.
Foley, Ann, Ph.D. (2010) (Duffy, Seán)Republic of Ireland record
Transmission and transformation of iconography and exegetical themes from late antiquity in insular art.
Foley, Susan, Ph.D. (2010), Cork (O'Reilly, Jennifer)Republic of Ireland record
From Paganism to Christianity: the role of acculturation in medieval Irish tradition.
Hamon, Denis, Ph.D. (2011) (Johnston, Elva)Republic of Ireland record
The classical erudition of Peter of Blois.
Hanaphy, Stephen, Ph.D. (2009), Trinity College Dublin (Robinson, Ian)Republic of Ireland record
The literary patronage of Lodovico II Gonzaga, marchese of Mantua, 1444-78.
Hare, Paul, Ph.D. (2010)Republic of Ireland record
A monastic landscape: the Cistercians in medieval Leinster.
Lynch, Bridget, Ph.D. (2008), Maynooth (Bradley, John)Republic of Ireland record
Gender, age and visibility: the archaeology of women and children in Ireland, 700-1200.
McAlister, Deirdre K., Ph.D. (2008), Maynooth (Bradley, John)Republic of Ireland record
The castle in the social and geographical landscape of medieval Cumbria, *c*.1066-1300.
McCabe, Hannah, Ph.D. (2009), Trinity College Dublin (Barry, Terence)Republic of Ireland record
Imagining the Byzantines: Latin perceptions, representations and memory, *c*.1095-1230.
Neocleous, Savvas, Ph.D. (2009), Trinity College DublinRepublic of Ireland record
The manuscript tradition of Gerald of Wales's 'Topography'.
Ni Bheaglaoi, Noirin, M.Phil. (2011) (Harris, Jason)Republic of Ireland record
The portrayal of St. Patrick in Muirchú's *Vita Patricii*.
Powell, Robert, Ph.D. (2010), Cork (Bracken, Damian)Republic of Ireland record
The archaeology of medieval rural ecclesiastical settlement in the barony of Lower Dundalk, County Louth.
Ryan, Vanessa, Ph.D. (2009), Trinity College Dublin (Barry, Terence)Republic of Ireland record
The de Lacy family in England, Ireland and Normandy, *c*.1160-1241.
Veach, Colin, Ph.D. (2009), Trinity College Dublin (Duffy, Seán)Republic of Ireland record
The cult of relics in early Christian Ireland.
Wycherley, Niamh, Ph.D. (2011) (Doherty, Charles)Republic of Ireland record
English merchants and economic promise in Virginia, Bermuda and the West Indies, 1607-50.
Connolly, Catherine M., Ph.D. (2009), Galway (Canny, Nicholas)Republic of Ireland record
The fight for America's freedom: the Anti-Imperialist League, 1898-1921.
Cullinane, Michael, Ph.D. (2010), Cork (Ryan, David)Republic of Ireland record
Battles from the front: the combat experience in the American Civil War through a study of Centralia, Griswoldville and Cedar Creek.
Guardamagna, Alessandro, Ph.D. (2009), Dublin (Bric, Maurice J.)Republic of Ireland record
'Motherhood or destruction': Margaret Sanger and the early campaign for birth control in America: the influence of radical groups and the reaction of the Catholic press.
Lee, Ailish, M.A. (2011) (Ní Bhroiméil, Úna)Republic of Ireland record