Theses completed (Republic of Ireland)

The decline of the Galway gentry, 1898-1918.
Murphy-O'Connor, James, M.Litt. (2009), Trinity College DublinRepublic of Ireland record
The letters of Martha Drennan McTier (1776-1820)
Naughton, Margaret, M.Phil. (2010), Cork (O'Halloran, Clare)Republic of Ireland record
A study of the urban-rural divide in the settlement of Irish immigrants abroad, 1851-1911.
O'Connell, Michael, Ph.D. (2011) (Bielenberg, Andy)Republic of Ireland record
'A lively poltergeist'. Robert Emmett: commemoration, memory and tradition, 1878-2003.
O'Keeffe, Helene, Ph.D. (2009), Cork (Ó Drisceoil, Donal)Republic of Ireland record
Robert Prescott Stewart (1825-94): a Victorian musician in Dublin.
Parker, Lisa, Ph.D. (2009), MaynoothRepublic of Ireland record
Sir Richard Griffith's three valuations of Ireland, 1826-64.
Smyth, William A., Ph.D. (2008), Maynooth (Hill, Jacqueline)Republic of Ireland record
Dublin local government and politics, 1898-1922.
Wallace, Ciaran, Ph.D. (2009), Trinity College Dublin (Fitzpatrick, David)Republic of Ireland record
Representations of Europe by Irish Catholic elites, 1957-85.
Beaugé de la Roque, Pauline, Ph.D. (2011) (O'Driscoll, Mervyn; Hutchinson, Paul)Republic of Ireland record
Cork City, 1917-21: a study of the city during the Irish War of Independence.
Borgonovo, John, Ph.D. (2010), Cork (Doherty, Gabriel)Republic of Ireland record
Aliens and minorities in Ireland during the First World War.
Buck, William, Ph.D. (2013), Mary Immaculate College (McMahon, Deirdre)Republic of Ireland record
Psychiatric care in Ireland during the 20th century.
Byrne, Fiachra, Ph.D. (2011) (Cox, Catherine)Republic of Ireland record
New nationalism? The origins of the S.D.L.P., 1969-74.
Campbell, Sarah, Ph.D. (2009), Dublin (Daly, Mary E.)Republic of Ireland record
Archaeology, nationalism and identity in Ireland, 1922-49.
Carew, Mairead, Ph.D. (2009), Dublin (Daly, Mary E.)Republic of Ireland record
Irish cultural institutions and their impact in contemporary Ireland.
Collins, Mary, M.Litt. (2009), Trinity College Dublin (Vaughan, William)Republic of Ireland record
The Irish Free State, 1922-32: government and administration.
Corcoran, Donal P., Ph.D. (2009), CorkRepublic of Ireland record
Tipperary and the First World War.
Dennehy, John, Ph.D. (2010)Republic of Ireland record
The threat of conscription and its impact on Irish politics during the Great War.
Devoy, Fiona, Ph.D. (2010), Cork (Ó Drisceoil, Donal)Republic of Ireland record
The British government and the Falkland Islands, 1974-9.
Donaghy, Aaron, Ph.D. (2011) (Aldous, Richard; Mulligan, William)Republic of Ireland record
Farewell to Plato's Cave: moral economy in emergency Ireland, 1939-45.
Evans, Bryce, Ph.D. (2010) (Laffan, Michael)Republic of Ireland record
The mandarin, the musician and the mage: T.K. Whitaker, Seán Ó Riada, Thomas Kinsella and the lessons of Ireland's mid 20th century revival.
Fanning, John, Ph.D. (2009)Republic of Ireland record