Theses completed (Republic of Ireland)

Mathematics in the life of Éamon de Valera.
O'Sullivan, Kathleen J., Ph.D. (2009), CorkRepublic of Ireland record
Divided loyalties: the Royal Irish Constabulary in county Tipperary, 1919-22.
Reynolds, John, Ph.D. (2013), University of Limerick (Logan, John)Republic of Ireland record
The story of the 'Geraldine' and other Irish fishing boats sunk in World War I.
Rickard, Sean, M.A. (2011) (Cronin, Maura)Republic of Ireland record
Prison policy in Ireland, 1922-72: subversion, stagnation and social change.
Rogan, Mary, Ph.D. (2009), Trinity College DublinRepublic of Ireland record
The Church of Ireland and the Irish state: institution, community and state relations, 1922-82.
Roulston, Robbie I., Ph.D. (2013), University College Dublin (National University of Ireland) (Earner-Byrne, Lindsey)Republic of Ireland record
'No land worth struggling for?' Donegal and Partition, 1911-25.
Thompson, Kelly, M.Litt. (2010) (Fitzpatrick, David)Republic of Ireland record
Hungarian and Northern Irish refugees: displaced persons in the Republic of Ireland, 1956-82.
Barkley, Fiona, M.A. (2009), Mary Immaculate College (Chambers, Liam)Republic of Ireland record
Establishing mission networks in the early Catholic church: Ireland, Rome and the West Indies, 1600-69.
Binasco, Matteo, Ph.D. (2013), National University of Ireland, Galway (Forrestal, Alison)Republic of Ireland record
The Irish in Russia, 1690-1815: travel, gender and self-fashioning.
Byrne, Angela, Ph.D. (2008), Maynooth (Lederer, David)Republic of Ireland record
Brigadistas: The History and Memory of Irish Anti-Fascists in the Spanish Civil War
Convery, David, Ph.D. (2012), University College Cork (National University of Ireland) (Ó Drisceoil, Donal)Republic of Ireland record
Sanitising the spectacular: the Parisian cemetery question, 1864-86.
Graham, Helen, Ph.D. (2009), Dublin (Kerr, David)Republic of Ireland record
Body politics: the development of Soviet physical culture in the 1920s and 1930s.
Grant, Susan M., Ph.D. (2009), Dublin (Devlin, Judith)Republic of Ireland record
Lagunak! A comparative of radical Basque & Irish nationalism.
Hallinan, Ross, M.A. (2013), University of Limerick (O'Donnell, Ruán)Republic of Ireland record
Images and representations of Ireland in Portugal (1830-1925): geographical knowledge and geographical imagination.
Horta, José A.G., Ph.D. (2009), CorkRepublic of Ireland record
Perceptions of childhood as expressed in Irish and German medical journals, 1880-1930.
Kruse, Jutta, Ph.D. (2013), University of Limerick (Breathnach, Ciara)Republic of Ireland record
The establishment and evolution of a village community: Dunlavin, County Wicklow, 1600-1910.
Lawlor, Christopher, Ph.D. (2010), St. Patrick's College (Kelly, James)Republic of Ireland record
Irish republican propaganda and organisation in Germany, 1919-23.
O'Brien, Jennifer, Ph.D. (2009), Trinity College Dublin (Dickson, David)Republic of Ireland record
'Une république pas pour rire': caricature, satire and republican identity in the French Second Republic.
O'Brien, Laura, Ph.D. (2009), Dublin (Kerr, David)Republic of Ireland record
Irish government policy and Irish public opinion toward German-speaking refugees in Ireland, 1933-45.
O'Connor, Siobhán P., Ph.D. (2009), LimerickRepublic of Ireland record
The architectural and cultural reception of the temple of Apollo at Bassai and its frieze, 1811-2009.
O'Neill, Suzanne, Ph.D. (2010) (Morris, Christine)Republic of Ireland record