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Anglo-French relations in Madagascar, 1885-90.
Mann, Jay I., M.Litt. (1971), Aberdeen (Hargreaves, J.D.; Bridges, R.C.)
Chruch Missionary Society missions, Muslim societies and European trade in northern Nigeria, 1857-1900.
Owoh, A.C., M.Th. (1971), Aberdeen (Graham, J.M.; Walls, A.F.)
Spiritual awakening in the north east of Scotland and the Disruption of the Church in 1843.
Robertson, G.B., Ph.D. (1971), Aberdeen (McEwen, J.S.)
The Church and revolution, with special attention to the Puritan revolution, 1560-1640.
Watson, J.A., M. Th. (1971), Aberdeen (Graham, J.M.; McEwen, J.S.)
The public image of Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza and the establishment of French imperialism in the Congo, 1875-85.
Nwoye, Rose E., M.Litt., Aberdeen (Hargreaves, J.D.; Bridges, R.C.)