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Chivalry in late medieval Scotland.
Reader, Robert, M.Litt. (2005), Aberdeen (Macdonald, Alistair J.)
The Brahan Seer: the making of a legend, c.1570-2001.
Sutherland, Alexander Mackenzie, Ph.D. (2005), Aberdeen
‘Just ae wee woman’: Dundee, the Communist party and the feminisation of socialism in the life and works of Mary Brooksbank.
Tolland, Siobhan, Ph.D. (2005), Aberdeen
The Sampson-Schley controversy and aspects of the naval campaign of 1898 in the Spanish-American War as portrayed and analysed by selected American newspapers, 1898-1901.
Anderson, James R., M.Litt. (2004), Aberdeen
'Distilled death and liquid damnation': the temperance movement in Aberdeen, Scotland, 1830-45.
Hoffman, Aaron, Ph.D. (2004), Aberdeen (Harper, Marjory-Ann D.; Ranson, Edward)
Scottish Presbyterians and Anglo-Scottish Union, 1707.
Stephen, Jeffrey, Ph.D. (2004), Aberdeen (Macinnes, Allan I.)
An exploration of the rise and development of Seventh-Day Adventist spirituality: with special reference to the charismatic guidance of Ellen G. White, 1844-1915.
Szalos-Farkas, Zoltan, Ph.D. (2004), Aberdeen
'Heavan upon Earth': the apocalyptic thought of Joseph Mede (1586-1638).
Jue, Jeffrey K., Ph.D. (2003), Aberdeen (Hotson, Howard; Trueman, Carl R.)
Ecclesiastical structural reform in Ireland and Scotland in the 11th and 12th centuries.
Miller, Karen, Ph.D. (2003), Aberdeen (Ditchburn, David M.)
Infant mortality in Aberdeen, 1861-1911, with discussion of certain causes of death.
Ouchi, Junko, M.Litt. (2003), Aberdeen (Smith, David; Tyson, Robert)
Patterns of clanship and kinship: the MacIntoshes and Clan Chattan, 1291-1609.
Cathcart, Alison M., Ph.D. (2002), Aberdeen (Macinnes, Allan I.)
National heroes and national identities: a comparative framework for smaller nations.
Eriksonas, Linas, Ph.D. (2002), Aberdeen (Macinnes, Allan I.; Hotson, Howard; Ditchburn, David M.)
'For the safte and preservatioun of the toun': plague and the poor in early modern Aberdeen.
Jillings, Karen A., Ph.D. (2002), Aberdeen (Naphy, William G.)
The development of occupational therapy in Scotland, 1900-60.
Paterson, Catherine F., Ph.D. (2002), Aberdeen (Smith, David F.)
The royal lieutenancy: case studies of the houses of Argyll and Huntly, 1475-1567.
Ross, Graeme, M.Phil. (2002), Aberdeen (Macinnes, Allan I.)
Celticism and Celtic motifs in Irish and Scottish art, 1885-1940.
Bryce, Aisling, M.Litt. (2001), Aberdeen
Chipko and crofter: land movements in northern India and the Highlands of Scotland.
Chadha, Nandini B., Ph.D. (2001), Aberdeen
Framing the tartan curtain: cultural dissent in fin de siècle Edinburgh and Glasgow
Comrie, Duncan, Ph.D. (2001), Aberdeen
Scottish and Irish landed society during the Cromwellian occupation.
Menarry, David J., Ph.D. (2001), Aberdeen
The patronage of Scottish art in the 20th century.
Morrison, Aileen, Ph.D. (2001), Aberdeen