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The burgh of Elgin in early modern times
Thomas, Jane E., M.Litt. (1990), Aberdeen (Simpson, G.G.)
Saudi Arabia's foreign policy, 1945-84
Barradah, F.K., Ph.D. (1989), Aberdeen
The context of the Baptist Industrial Mission of Scotland to Nyasaland
Coulter, K.T., M.Th. (1989), Aberdeen (Sefton, H.R.)
John Knox's theological position and influence on the Reformation in Scotland.
Hwang, Bong-Hwang, M.Th. (1989), Aberdeen (Sefton, H.R.)
American Protestant missions and the Vietnam War
James. , B.V., Ph.D. (1989), Aberdeen (Walls, A.F.)
Burgesses and landed men in N.E. Scotland in the later middle ages: a study in social interaction
Booton. , H.W., Ph.D. (1988), Aberdeen (Simpson, G.G.)
Revival and survival: Methodism's ebb and flow in Shetland and Orkney, 1822- 62
Bowes. , H.R., M.Th. (1988), Aberdeen (Sefton, H.R.)
The origins of the new churches movement in southern Ethiopia, 1927-44
Fargher, B.L, Ph.D. (1988), Aberdeen (Walls, A.F.)
The political economy of the Rhodesia tobacco industry, 1945-65
Hooper, M.D., M.Litt. (1988), Aberdeen (Bridges, R.C.)
The life and thoughts of Kanzo Uchimura, 1861-1930
Miura, H., M.Litt. (1988), Aberdeen
Church and education: religious instruction and inspection in public schools in Scotland, 1872-9
Oh, Y.-S., M.Th. (1988), Aberdeen
African and O.A.U. diplomacy on the decolonization issue, 1945-80: a study of African foreign policy co-ordination
Ghabdinga, L.T., M.Litt. (1987), Aberdeen
Agricultural development and the reformed rural landscapes of Kincardineshire, c.1750-c.1880
Howlett. , C.E., Ph.D. (1987), Aberdeen (Coull, J.R.)
The role of the Ulama during the Abbasid caliphate, with special reference to the period of Harun al-Rashid and Al-Ma'mun
Ismail, B.H.B., Ph.D. (1987), Aberdeen
The conduct of the Korean war, 1950-3, with the emphasis on the civilian control over the military in the United States.
Kim, S.N., Ph.D. (1987), Aberdeen
The Military Survey of Scotland, 1747-55: an analysis utilising the dual concepts of map form and content
Mallett. , R.J., Ph.D. (1987), Aberdeen (Stone, J.C.)
Land-use change and sub-optimal production on marginal part-time farms: the case of N.W. Scotland, 1947-79
Taylor, J.P., Ph.D. (1987), Aberdeen
Pandita Ramabai and Amy Carmichael: a study of their contributions towards transforming the position of Indian women
Arles, Nalini, M.Th. (1986), Aberdeen (Walls, A.F.)
Inter-religious conflict in India: the dynamics of Hindu-Muslim relations in N. Malabar, 1498-1947
Gabriel, T.P.C., Ph.D. (1986), Aberdeen (Walls, A.F.)
The international dimensions of British West African policy, 1939-49.
Kent, C.J., Ph.D. (1986), Aberdeen (Hargreaves, J.D.)